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Rescue by Ruin – Snippet Two

Beatrice and Vaughn have met and are now discovering more about each other:

“One couple had half undressed. Her corset was unlaced and her breasts stood out for all to see. His hands cupped and caressed them.

Bea strained to keep them in her sights. Watching them sent tingles unfurling deep inside her. She shivered.

“Shocked?” Vaughn’s voice had a husky timbre. He must have felt her need to observe and spun her slowly so that with every turn she could watch the couple.

She examined her response. It was not what she expected.”

Rescue by Ruin – Snippet One

My sexy steampunk novel Rescue by Ruin comes out this Friday. Every day until then I will share a small snippet.

This is from the first chapter, a few paragraphs in:

“Beatrice’s heart pounded. Her throat was dry.

Once she stepped on board, once the Venia set off, she couldn’t turn back. The airship would not land again until dawn.

She’d be trapped.”