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Sneak Peek Sunday-24/03/13

Here is my Sneak Peak for this Sunday. Check out the other fabulous Sneak Peeks here.

This is an snippet from Tangled Hunger.

“Something tickled the outside of her left wing. She shook it but the tickle didn’t go away. She looked over her shoulder and saw the Vampire gently, teasingly stroke along her feathers. Tanasha was just about to shake them again when she caught the look in his eyes.

Eyes that had taken on the now familiar silver tint.

But not with anger.

“What are you doing?” She had to clear her throat a couple of times before she could actually form a sentence. Having him stroke her outer wing feathers had the same impact on her as his caressing her breast would. The closer to the center of the wings the touch went, the more sensitive they became.

He didn’t look at her but focused solely on her wings. Duncan ruffled the feathers, going against the grain only to stroke them back down.

Her heart skipped a beat and her simmering arousal sprang to life full force. She grew wet. Jade, did he have any idea what he did to her?”

Have a great week!