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Books, Books, Books!

A number of years ago I stumbled across a books called Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh. I was pulled into the world and the characters. Now I have just finished Rule Breaker.


Rule Breaker is book 29 in the Breeds series. I have read pretty much each and every one of them with a couple of exception that were novellas in anthologies. You could say I am invested in finding out how the series continues.

I can’t imagine it being easy to maintain a series for this length of time. As I mentioned when I talked about Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, I love how she is bringing the current arch to an end. J.D. Robb is a master at it. I have no idea how many In Death books there are, but every time you read one she grounds you in her world and gives you context who everyone is. I still enjoy Lora Leigh’s writing and I love seeing characters I’ve either followed on their journey or characters I want to see find their HEA, but I struggled with the first third of Rule Breaker.

The author expected you to remember everything and I didn’t. There was very little to ground me in the world or help to orientate myself on who was who. Some characters are more memorable, Jonas, for example, but he has appeared in every single book, but a lot of the names were without context to me. This meant I read one or two other books while Rule Breaker sat on my shelf. By the way, totally random side note, after 28 books that were ALL PAPERBACK, why the heck did they think it was a good decision to put book 29 into hardcover?! It is a bit of brick and a nightmare to lug around. And it totally doesn’t fit with all the other books on the shelf and nerd that I am I like my books to fit.

Anyway, the beginning was a little rough, but once the story got going and Gypsy Rum (yes, the names in this book were…interesting; not sure if that was on purpose or by accident) and Rule got together I was back in the story. If you like scorching hot sex and emotional roller-coaster rides Rule Breaker is the book for you.

What have you been reading recently that you loved?

Sexy Men Reading Children’s Books

A friend shared with me this hilarious blog post from Book Riot. I just had to share some of the pictures:).

Idris Elba reading from LOVE YOU FOREVER

Idris Elba reading Love you Forever by Robert Munsch

Ryan Gosling reading from WINNIE THE POOH

Ryan Gosling reading Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

Channing Tatum reading from CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM

Channing Tatum reading Chicka Ckicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.

Who would you like to see reading a kids’ book?



February Reading

I had some fun reads this month!

11) Enchanted by Alethea Kontis (proof)
beautiful YA with a wonderful mix of adventure and fairy tale and fabulous mash-up of fairy tales

12) Fallen Star by Morgan Hawke
very sexy erotic novel with some unusual twists, I preferred Victorious Star as in this book it is very much on the edge of non-con, the author managed to pull it around but a couple of times I felt a little uncomfortable with where the story went

13) Incarnate by Jodi Meadows (proof)
fabulous start by a debut author and amazing world building, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it

14) Revelation by Lauren Dane
great story and strong characters, thinking about getting book 1 on the series

15) Passion Model by Megan Hart
an interesting story, but not quite my cup of tea

16) Few Are Chosen by Storm Grant
hilarious gay short story about two boys who are the Chosen One, after just watching all the way through Buffy it was a wonderful read by a close friend

17) Ogre of Oglefort by Eva Ibbotsen
unfortunately Eva Ibbotsen passed away not too long ago, she has been writing for most of her life and leaves behind a beautiful legacy of 9-12 and YA books, this one is aimed at younger readers, very tongue in cheek with a fabulous imagination, I really enjoyed it

18) Victorious Star by Morgan Hawke
another very sexy erotic novel

19) Ichiro by Ryan Inzana (graphic novel, proof)
interesting story about a American-Japanese boy who stumbled, literally, into Japanese legends

20) Winterling by Sarah Prineas
the latest book by one of my favourite authors for 9-12, another beautiful fantastic story with great characters and an adventure you won’t forget

21) Croak by Gina Damico (proof)
OMG, this was absolutely and utterly amazing, irreverent, funny and with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat, the ending was a whammy and something I didn’t see coming

What have you read recently that you enjoyed?

The Waiting Game

I just pressed “Send” on an email with my finished project to my wonderful editor.

It’s a great feeling, but it also means now the Waiting Game begins. And that is plenty of time for the doubt weasels to make themselves at home. I love my story and believe in it, but it’s tough to quieten that little voice deep down that’s telling me the story wasn’t ready or that I should have had one more read-through.

Gah, you can all take a long walk off a short plank!

Instead of giving the weasels fodder I am going to get back to my steampunk story. Next weekend is my Toronto Romance Writers chapter annual critique session. I want to ensure that my first five pages are as good as they can be in the current situation. You know, story not yet finished;).

Also, I’m going on a loooonnnnggggg plane ride to Hong Kong soon and other than applying for a Chinese Visa I have done very, very little to prepare. I really need to get my bum into gear. After the 10 days in Hong Kong I’m heading to Tokyo as well. Tokyo and Japan as a whole have been a dream destination for a very, very long time. Part of me is terrified, mostly because of the flight as I am a very bad flyer, and another part is jumping with excitement.

I just wish I could beam there or take the Stargate. No matter the whole being dismantled and reassembled on an atomic level, it’s still better than sitting in a sardine can for 15 hours. *sigh* It’ll give me opportunity to read the new J. D. Robb. I saved it specially for this flight. Same with the new Gail Carriger book, Timeless. Depending on my mental state I may even be able to get some writing done. A certain character who had one paragraph in Tangled Shadows is very insistent on getting his own story. Who am I to stand in his way?;)

If you have any suggestions for books so amazing they will help me to forget that I’m in a tin can so-and-so many thousand feet in the air, I’d love to hear them!

Have a great week.

January Reading

My goal for 2012 is to read 100 books again. I’ve made a good start and enjoyed some wonderful stories in January.

1) Death Magic, Eileen Wilks
love, love, love this series, author manages to keep adding twists and turns that keep my bum in the chair
2) Take Me Again, Mackenzie McKade
3) Fate’s Edge, Ilona Andrews
I prefer the Kate Daniels series, but this one is growing on me, it was great to see the two boys up, close and personal, overall a fabulous addition to the series
4) Whispers in the Dark, Maya Banks
I LOVE this series and this book is my new favourite, I’ve already gone back and re-read it, fabulous characters, the author added a touch of paranormal, and the love story….*sigh*;)
5) Don’t Ask, Never Tell
this is a collection I picked up at one of my chapter meetings, all three authors are part of the TRW and I really enjoyed them
6) The Name of the Star, Maureen Johnson (YA)
my first MJ book and I really, really enjoyed it, a great twist on the Jack the Ripper tale and a cliffhanger ending that left me gasping for more
7) Museum’s Secret, Henry Chancellor (9-12 fiction)
this is a hilarious, twisty 9-12 story that will make you laugh and keep you thoroughly entertained, one quick warning, you need to like British sense of humour, it doesn’t translate that well to North America
8) Copper Beach, Jayne Ann Krentz
I read her books under any of her three names and Copper Beach is another fabulous read in the Arcane Society series, I’m looking forward to the next book
9) Bitterblue, Kristen Cashore (pub date May 2012, YA)
fabulous, fabulous new book by the author of Graceling, you won’t be disappointed
10) Magic on the line, Devon Monk
great 7th instalment in the Allie Beckstrom series, I’m looking forward to seeing how Devon will tie up all the lose ends

4 and 9 were my highlights for January.

What books have you enjoyed so far this year?

First Draft is DONE!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great start to the New Year. May 2012 be the best year yet.

Hah, the first draft of Tangled Souls is DONE! It is very satisfying to write the last word and sit back in the chair, knowing the skeleton of the story is constructed. It will still need a lot of editing and polishing before the lovely Victoria Davies rips it apart as my critique partner and I have to go back to polishing:). For now I will let it sit for a couple of weeks while I concentrate on my fun steampunk story.

I will also use the time to relax with some good books. So far I’ve gulped down Fate’s Edge by Ilona Andrews, Death Magic by Eileen Wilks and Whispers in the Dark by Maya Banks. Tomorrow I’ll pick up Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz.

What have you read recently that you’ve really enjoyed or have you achieved something that made you feel great?