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Hong Kong, Day 2 and 3

I spent day 2 in Macau. It was rather interesting to see an area that belonged to Portugal until 1999. The Portugese influence is still very strong. I’m dead on my feet, so only a few pictures.


St Paul’s burnt down and all that is left is the facade and the stairs. It’s a huge tourist attraction as you can see by the masses of people.


Beside St Paul’s is Monte Fort. I found it interesting to see an old canon pointing at modern Macau. Next came the Church of St Dominic. After I arrived back in Hong Kong I stopped at Starbucks and had a cheese and spinach pastry, which was delicious. The Starbucks over here have amazing food from lasagne to red velvet cheese cake. I was dead tired and went to bed pretty early yesterday.

Today started with a leisurely walk at Repulse Bay and then the visit to the Kwum Yam shrine.



The Longevity Bridge, supposedly every time you cross you add three days to your life. No wonder I walked back and forth a few times;)


I met my friend after the beach and combing through Stanley Market. We headed up to Diamond Hill and the Chin Lun nunnery which has a beautiful garden. Afterwards we crossed the harbour into Kowloon and went shopping across various markets. By the time we finished my feet ached, so we sat and looked across the water to the Hong Kong skyline.

Tomorrow we’re off to Shenzen and more shopping;).