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Romantic Times Convention 2016

I’m having a blast at the Romantic Times Convention in Las Vegas. Having never been to Vegas before it took me a day or three to get used to it;).

The first thing I did after getting here was fulfill my dream of standing where the gang from Ocean’s 11 stood at the end of the movie-the fountain at the Bellagio.

IMG_20160412_202111 IMG_20160412_201840 IMG_20160412_201831



IMG_20160410_151151 IMG_20160410_153335

Monday and Tuesday I spent with Cherry Adair, learning how to plot with beautifully coloured post-it notes. It’s an intriguing system and I will definitely try it.

I’ve had a chance to catch up with friends I only see at conferences and make new friends.

On Wednesday the Nice Girls Writing Naughty had our Very Merry Un-Party, which had me doing Hangman with a Naughty Twist. I had a blast and I hope the readers who stopped by did as well. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures during the event, so here is my table before and after;).

IMG_20160413_144015 IMG_20160413_152849

And here are some other fun photos:

IMG_20160410_154726 IMG_20160410_155120 IMG_0304 IMG_20160413_143801

Friday is going to be slightly insane, but I can’t wait!

Viva Las Vegas!