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Have a Laugh!

Here are some of my favourite superbowl ads.

Can you count all the familiar faces? Total blast from the past.

Whoever made this ad knew exactly what they were doing;). Just watch the faces…

Slightly naughty, but absolutely hilarious…

Your Laugh of the Day!

I LOVE Chuck’s response to van Damme’s split…well, I just love Chuck;).

Incredible athletics and actors who poke fun at themselves. What more do you need?;)

Happy Monday!

Friday Funny!

Have a laugh! It’s all in the accent;).

Saturday Funny!

I meant to post this yesterday. I planned to be off work, but had to go in because things were somewhat hellish this week. Basically the Friday Funny is now a Saturday Funny! Enjoy…just make sure you’re not drinking while you’re watching;).

I am also over at Darker Temptations talking about a book that made me cry because it was over.

Friday Funny!

I’m sorry, you may have seen this before, but it never gets old;).

Stereotypes, here we come, eh!