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Writer Wednesday: Process

I call myself a plantser, meaning I outline in broad strokes like a planner and then make it up as I go along within those lines like a pantser. This has worked well for me. When I get a little lost I just drill down deeper and give myself more keywords to keep me on track.

My goal is to finish the first draft of Sexy Steampunk 2 by December 1st. Fellow writer Karla Doyle shared with me how she kept herself on track when she had a deadline for her last book. She would write every scene onto a post-it note and not leave her desk until that scene was done. So I went along and made this


This happened a week ago. Now I am here


You can see that I have only taken down 2 post-its. However for the second post-it I wrote nearly 6k from three different points of view. This tells me that I have to be more specific and not just transfer my plantser outline that says “have sex” or “Big Black Moment”;).

Still, I like this new process. It is visual and gives you a good idea as to where you are. It is very satisfying to tear down one of those notes, so I will probably continue doing this, just flesh it out a little bit more.

What about you? Do you keep track of progress through word count or do you have a visual component?

BTW, the notes look I’ve crumpled them up, but that is just the style the manufacturer made.

OMG, this is hilarious!

Foreigners have sent in questions about Canada and this lovely lady, and the residents of Vancouver, are all so very Canadian and try to help.