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Happy New 2013

I don’t know about you, but I try not to make New Year’s resolutions. I usually don’t end up sticking to them and feeling bad for not doing well with what I’d planned. So instead of telling you I am planning to exercise more or eat healthier I will tell you about my writing plans for 2013.

At the moment I am working on the sequel to Rescue by Ruin. It has no title yet and is the story of Beatrice’s best friend Susan. It is also a menage;). I will have to stop work on that for a little bit as I want to write an erotic steampunk novella for an open call. It will be the prequel to a potential three-book series that I am very excited about.

Once Susan’s story is finished it’s back to my sci-fi world and the final book in the Celestial Surrender series. My working title is Tangled Redemption and it is the story of the Spaniard and Sydney. And there may be another sexy Vampire involved;).

I also hope to reintroduce a young woman you first met in Tangled Shadows. She has a mysterious past and a difficult future due to her heritage. If everything works out Edana’s story will be the first book in a new sci-fi series in the same world as the Tangled books. You will meet more inhabitants of this universe and hopefully have some sexy and rip-roaring adventures.

Those are the plans I have so far. Obviously there’s always a danger that I do the “Squirrel”-move (that’s what my writing group calls it when a new and shiny idea drags your attention away). I am also thinking about applying to two new jobs, one which is very close to my dream job (so fingers crossed;) and change my hair.

What are your plans for the new year?

And here is a pretty picture from the Montreal Botanical Garden.


Time Out from Reality!

I’ve been off the internet a lot recently, my spare time has become rather limited this close to Christmas. Work has taken over and currently dominates my day. Hopefully once Christmas is over that will ebb away and I will have more time again.

I also have a number of decisions to make about a few things in my work and private life. I don’t do that well with change, even change I initiate, but part of me is kicking me in the bum to get out of the rut I have sunk into. But another part of me doesn’t want to think about all the things that could happen and all the consequences that could follow, keeping me frozen in indecision. So I have taken yesterday and today as a time out from reality.

A couple of days ago I didn’t have anything new I wanted to read on my kobo and re-read Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb. I LOVE the Eve Dallas series, but it has been some time since I’ve re-read the whole thing. That is what I’ve been doing for the last two days. I thoroughly enjoyed going back to the beginning and re-discovering Eve’s relationships with her fellow characters. Ms Robb aka Nora Roberts is a master storyteller. Even knowing who the bad guy is I still have to read the whole book, want to know how Eve put together her cases and the obstacles she encounters on the way.

And sinking into Eve’s 2058 New York has done a bang up job at keeping reality at bay. Tomorrow I have to get up around 4am to get to work for 6am. No escape!;) Once I’m back home I will have to sit down and make pro and con lists for some things, work on making up my mind on others.

But it has been nice to step away, to disappear and take some time away. If you face difficult decisions or overwhelming tasks, I can definitely recommend to take a day or two where you find a way to get away from it all. Disappear into the world of a favourite book or watch a season of a favourite TV show. Once you’ve taken a breather you can sit down with a clearer head. It’ll still be scary, but a little bit of distance may make it easier;).

Good Luck!