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Change of Plans

I got my edits for my sexy steampunk Rescue by Ruin today. I am very excited and am looking forward to digging in, even if my editor has given me quite a big task to achieve.

This means I need to drag my head out of the future filled with hot Vampires into the past with flying motorcycles:). I have slight whiplash. It also means that I won’t be able to finish the first draft of book 3 by the end of the week. I have a bit of a hellish week before me at my day job, so that may push things back a little more.¬†Depending on when I finish the edits and how much time I need to recover from the overnights, I’m hoping to have the first draft done later this month.

The glamorous life of a writer. Juggling stories in your head and the computer with the real world;).

Have a great rest of the week and may the words flow freely!