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Weekend Writing Warriors Snippet 4

Happy Sunday, everyone. It is time for another Weekend Writing Warriors snippet. Check here to see all the other amazing authors.


This is the fourth snippet from my current, untitled WIP, Sexy Steampunk 2, the sequel to Rescue by Ruin. The book is not yet finished and has no blurb. Archer and Warren want Susan to be their third. London 1897 does not exactly have an open society, so they have to be very careful on how they approach her. Susan went to Archer, who she has a crush on, for help and ended up posing naked for Warren, who is a painter. They had just introduced her to their touch and she had responded with a proposal neither man had expected. Unfortunately it had thrown Archer into a tailspin, leaving Warren to do everything in his power to get them back on track to fulfilling their long-term goal. And if it means driving Archer wild so he finally gives up control and sees the bigger picture, then so be it.

“Archer was exquisite as he lounged on the bed, the tanned skin of his naked torso shimmering in the soft light. The narrow line of hair that disappeared behind the top of his trousers and the hard cock pushing against the cotton.

Warren swallowed. God, he loved Archer so much and he wanted nothing more than to see him happy. But this campaign for a third was hurting both of them on different levels. They had to find their balance again, their foundation, otherwise everything they did could be for naught.

“I don’t see you taking off your clothes,” Warren’s voice was rough, his desire too strong to appear unmoved.

And Archer knew it; he grinned like a cat that had swallowed the canary as he slowly, oh-so-slowly, rolled off the bed and to his feet.”

As always, this snippet has not yet been polished;). Have a great Sunday and a fabulous week.