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Kyoto, Day 1

On Saturday I took the shinkansen, the bullet train, south to Kyoto. The train ride was about 2 1/2 hours and at times I felt like I was flying. Unfortunately the weather turned miserable, meaning I only saw grey clouds and rain. I arrived and promptly got lost in Kyoto Station. I finally found the subway and headed to my hostel. I can’t really call it a hotel as it looks like this

Let’s just say the picture online did not look like this:).

I arrive at lunch time, so I walked back to Kyoto Station and took the train to the Fushimi area to see the Tofukuji Temple. The Temple had a beautiful Zen Garden.



Next stop was the Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine. It’s the shrine with thousands of tori gates.

  Foxes are everywhere.



A picture of the plastic food all the restaurants displayed outside.

I walked around Kyoto Station and had some dinner. This is a look down from the top floor.

After dinner I did a little shopping and headed back to the hostel. As it wasn’t very inviting I headed across the road to Starbucks for coffee and to read.

Hong Kong, Day 1 – Picture Spam

For some reason I have about 100 photos of random houses all over Hong Kong, so I decided to share;).


The air pollution levels over here are amazing. When I arrived I thought this was fog, but then I was told it is actually smog. In this day and age…


Space is so limited trees cling to steep cliffs.


I went to the tea museum on the left and then the tea house. I ordered some yellow tea. They didn’t give me a tea pot or even a strainer. Instead I poured water into the white cup and used the lid to hold back the tea leaves. The tea went into the little glass cup. It was a new way to drink tea for me;).

Hong Kong Park is a total oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. Beautifully arranged with lots of water features and places to sit.


The views from Victoria Peak are beautiful, but the trip up was an adventure. Imagine yourself in a double-decker bus driven by a Michael Schuhmacher wannabe, at the top, at the window, going along twisty-twirly roads. Sometimes there was nothing between me and the drop but clear glass. Talk about getting the heart rate up;).

That’s it for day 1. I will try and share more as and when I can.