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Darker Temptations

I am over at Darker Temptations, talking about what I am grateful about this autumn.

Friday Funny!

OMG, I remember working in London when one of my colleagues nearly fell off her chair laughing about this cat video. Now someone has added intense music.

Have a little fun today and a wonderful weekend. I have writing plans, what are yours?

The Downside of a Good Imagination

I sometimes wish my imagination wasn’t quite as good as it happens to be.

I know, not something you expect a writer to say. However, it is still something I think about.

This is the first summer Emma, my cat, and I are spending together. I love my flat. It is beautiful and filled with sunlight. After all the moves and all the buildings I’ve lived in, this particular place has been the closest to being my absolute favourite. I just love coming home to it.

And still I sometimes shiver with worry.

The windows I just mentioned I loved so much because they fill my flat with light and warmth?

My biggest nightmare.

Emma loves to climb, loves to explore and especially loves to hang out on my narrow windowsills. Did I mention I live on the eighth floor?

She loves to look out of the window and I don’t mind her doing so on the window facing the balcony. But the one I have in my office, the one that faces an eight floor drop only covered by a flimsy screen? A screen only good enough to keep insects out?

No, I don’t like her sitting on the sill where she loves to press her nose against the flimsy screen.

It is all right if I can watch her or if I can push the glass part-you know the part I pulled back for that glimmer of a breeze-she’s doing it right now as I write…

I had to close it again and make the part of the screen she can touch less than the part of her whole body.

What if?

What if I wasn’t there and kept the window all the way open?

What if she enjoyed the sun and saw fly going past her face?

What if she leaned all her considerable weight against the screen and tried to capture it?

What if that insubstantial piece of material wasn’t enough to hold her back? I don’t know how much it is supposed to hold and my super isn’t particularly helpful.

What if she dropped eight stories and died?

Because in my head I can see all of it happening.

I can picture it and describe it in minute detail as if it was a story.


Let’s close the window nearly all the way and sweat a little more.

Does that ever happen to you? Your writer brain imagines all the possibilities and you do something just to stop the unlikeliest of occurrences from happening?

I find myself doing it. It’s a downside from having a detailed imagination…

What Happens When I Try To Tie My Laces;)

Emma loves my shoelaces. I always have to tuck them inside the boot when I take my shoes off, otherwise she starts dragging them across the floor.

This is what she does



No matter how often I try to discourage her, she always follows the laces.


Now you know why I may be a few minutes late;).

Have a lovely long weekend and Happy Easter if you celebrate.

Emma-My Little Heroine

This is a non-book post. I’m rambling about my cat and her job;).

I have had Emma for about five months. She is a blood donor cat at the Toronto Veterinary Clinic. This means she has to go in on a regular basis and donate blood for other cats in need. The clinic goes to shelters and finds big cats that can cope with giving blood. Then they make sure the cats are healthy and find homes for them.

On Friday Emma went in for the second time since she came to live with me. I always worry a little as the procedure carries a risk and they have lost a cat before. But I got a call during the day telling me everything was fine. I picked Emma up very early Saturday morning because I don’t like her staying at the clinic any longer than she has to.

She was very quiet on the taxi ride home, which is very unlike her. Usually she complains all the way. When we got home Emma couldn’t settle down. In the end I bribed her onto my bed and petted her until she purred. We both fell asleep. In my defense, I took the first subway up to the clinic just before 6am, so it wasn’t exactly late in the day;). I got up a little later, but unlike the last time, Emma had a much harder time. She sleeps a lot any day, she is a cat;), but on Saturday she literally slept standing up and all of her usual attitude and energy was missing. She’s not a big cuddler, but she usually sticks close to me in the flat, so every time I get up she does, too, which meant she sometimes sat at the edge of the kitchen with her eyes closed, just waiting for me to sit back down.

In the end my little girl recovered just fine and is back up to her usual mischief.










They have to shave the fur at her neck and paw for the donation. It’ll grow back and her blood may save a life.

If you’re thinking about adopting a pet check with your local animal hospitals to see if any of them have a blood donor programme. You will know for sure that your pet is healthy and you can enrich their life while they do something amazing. I found out about the programme through a friend. Her cat received donated blood, so she saw the benefits of the programme close up.

Emma makes me smile every day. Yesterday and today she even slept on my lap…for all of five minutes, but she rarely does, so it was pretty amazing;).

Have a great week and if you have a pet give it an extra cuddle from me!;)

Emma Pictures-Just because…

Here is Emma! Just because:)




My New Flatmate

She’ll hate me for sharing pictures of her while wearing the cone of shame, but I had to share this bundle of lovely.


This is Emma, you know, Emma Peel from The Avengers?



Don’t you think the similarities are astonishing?;)

I am fostering Emma for the next two or three years while she is a blood donor cat at the Toronto Veterinary Clinic. I met her last week and she was the one cat who explored the whole room, even found a small hole between the wall and an upper cabinet. Whereas the other three cats all stayed on the floor she checked out everything and showed quite a bit of attitude.

When I described her to a friend, Bonnie came up with the name and I loved it. It fits;). Emma is a tortoiseshell cat and has a white tip on her tail. She seems to be settling in alright and has already marked one of the comfy chairs in my office as hers.

She’s only wearing the cone while I’m treating her eye. Lol, she hates it and I really wish I could take it off, but we have strict instructions to keep it on until Tuesday. Talk about being thrown in the deep end as a pet parent. We’ve managed mostly okay, but lets just say a lot of treats were involved;).

I am excited and a little worried. I hope she likes me and her new home. So far, so good!

Have a great Sunday and a fab start to the week.