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The Carrot and the Stick

After a hellish 6 day week at work I have today and tomorrow off. The plan was to revise Tangled Indulgence and finish “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare. I am running a book club tomorrow night and am 3/4 through the book.

But then this arrived at work yesterday

I LOVE Maria V Snyder’s fantasy and have been waiting for “Scent of Magic” since finishing the first book in the Healer series.

Now what? I have two deadlines and only limited time off!

Nothing for it. Work comes first, so today I deleted 3k from Tangled Indulgence, making the story much tighter and more focused on the heroine. Tomorrow I will polish and ensure that all this deleting hasn’t left behind any issues. Tonight (after a new episode of Elementary) I will plough through “City of Bones”.

And my reward for working this hard? Saturday afternoon after work I will take the time for myself and read “Scent of Magic” without guilt or other pressures nagging at me. Talk about an awesome carrot:).

How do you reward yourself for hard work?