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Check out the Nice Girls Writing Naughty for a cool contest;).

Nice Girls Writing Naughty


I’m Jianne Carlo and I’ll be your host for this HOT— yeah, I’m being snarky—contest. If you have any questions, drop me an email (, or leave a comment below. Let’s hit the contest ground running!

Summer’s hot and the kitchen’s hotter, so the Nice Girls are looking for great recipes to cool us (and YOU!) down this summer. Our contest runs from AUGUST 4TH – 17TH. We’re posting daily featured recipes on the blog from each of our Nice Girls, but we want you to participate.


Post your own cool-down recipes in the comment section of the featured post. The recipe can be for a drink, an appetizer, an entrée, or a yummy dessert. Each recipe you post enters you to win our GRAND PRIZE OF A $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD at the end of our contest. More…

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Weekend Writing Warriors-Tangled Redemption Snippet 2

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.


Today I am sharing the opening of my current WIP, Tangled Redemption, book 4 in the Celestial Surrender series. It is not yet finished and has not been polished;). I don’t have a blurb yet either, but I will try and give you some context.

My heroine is Sydney. We meet her for the first time in Tangled Hunger, book 2 of the Celestial Surrender series. Circumstances I cannot go into without spoiling everything result in her being kidnapped by a Vampire who has the impossible task of balancing the survival of one with that of a galaxy. Tangled Redemption is a Sci-Fi story and takes place in a universe inhabited by humans, Vampires and Naema, a race that has been likened to angels. There is a tenuous peace between the three races, but a faction of the Vampires, the Ferals, does not want to bow down to human law. You could say there is a smidgeon of tension between them and the rest of the galaxy, expressed through a kill-on-sight order against them.

This snippet is immediately after last week’s and from the opening paragraphs of the story. Sydney faces three Ferals who are not about to invite her for tea and she smiled at them…In order to give you the whole snippet I had to use creative punctuation.

The lead Feral’s gaze narrowed.

She didn’t give him a chance to respond, but leaped and rammed her knee into his groin. He folded over with a whimper; she grabbed a hunk of his hair and slammed the bottom of her palm into his nose. Cartilage crunched as she jammed the shattered bones into his brain.

Eyes wide he dropped to the floor; dead.

Sydney panted; her hand found the cold synth-metal wall of the spaceship for a second, before straightening again. She stopped herself from rubbing her sore hand; the other two Ferals gaped at her. She wanted to smirk, but she’d lost the advantage of surprise-they recovered and converged on her; before they had even taken one step the door slid open and Tall, Dark and Dangerous, the man—no, the Vampire—responsible for her kidnapping, strode in.”

This is still very raw, so any and all comments are welcome.

Have an amazing week and as always Happy Writing!




Independence Celebration Scavenger Hunt

Want to win some awesome prizes? Check out the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Scavenger Hunt for great chances to win!

Nice Girls Writing Naughty

Here in the States, July 4th is a day to celebrate our country’s independence and the men and women who work so hard to keep us free! There will be an abundance of backyard barbeques, pool parties, and lots of good food that are enjoyed with our nearest and dearest. This holiday weekend, our inaugural NGWN Event is also a Celebration of Freedom—the freedom to read all the military men, police officers, and just generally hunky heroes! Since food isn’t as fun in the virtual world, how about we glom on some yummy hero goodness… Nice Girls Writing Naughty, Prizes, Contests, Book Giveaway, Blog, Facebook, romance authors

And a PARTY! Today we’re hosting a Scavenger Hunt here on the blog with a Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon gift card + lots of yummy books by US

—your NGWN hostesses.

And don’t forget to check out the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Readers Facebook group, where our authors will be hosting live…

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Meet the Authors, Post 2

More facts about some amazing and naughty writers including myself;).

Nice Girls Writing Naughty


If you’ve found your way here, you’re a reader. Probably of erotic romance. We’re writers of the same, but we are readers too. There’s nothing we love more than to talk spicy plots, sexy games, and hungry heroes.  We hope this is a place where you feel comfortable doing that too! So here’s a little about some of us to get the conversation rolling! Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us your favorite things to read about, and follow the blog for notifications of lots of upcoming fun stuff, including:

Our Independence Celebration Scavenger Hunt!

scavenger hunt, erotic romance authors, prizes

July 5th, 2014


Angel Payne, erotic romance authorAngel Payne is the USA Today bestselling author of several romance series featuring sexy alpha men and the women who love them. She’s been writing for thirty years, including publishing historical romance under a different pseudonym. Her W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series boasts an avid worldwide fandom, and…

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Meet the Authors, Post 1

I have joined this awesome group of writers. Come on over and check out who is part of the Nice Girls Writing Naughty.

Nice Girls Writing Naughty


If you’ve found your way here, you’re a reader. Probably of erotic romance. We’re writers of the same, but we are readers too. There’s nothing we love more than to talk spicy plots, sexy games, and hungry heroes.  We hope this is a place where you feel comfortable doing that too!

So here’s a little about some of us to get the conversation rolling! Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us your favorite things to read about, and follow the blog for notifications of lots of upcoming fun stuff, including:

Our Independence Celebration Scavenger Hunt!

Independence celebration, erotic romance authors, prizes

July 5th, 2014


Jianne Carlo, erotic romance

Award-winning author Jianne Carlo’s motto is simple: Alpha Me Please. While strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are her forte, she goes weak in the knees for warriors and alphas. Send her a man with an attitude, and she’ll find the right woman to tame him. Jianne…

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New Release: Full Throttle by Kerrianne Koombes

I am delighted to celebrate my friend Kerrianne Koombes new release Full Throttle.


I am so excited to share this new book with you. Full Throttle is the first in my new Contemporary Romantic Suspense series (Revved) Coming from Evernight Publishing.
I love this story so much, and I cannot wait for you all to meet Josh and Sammy. I enjoyed every moment of getting to know them—I hope you do too. xx

When self professed geek and high school math teacher, Sammy Briars, decides its time to live life, she means it. Armed with determination and her life savings, Sammy buys the motorbike she has always dreamed of.
Excited by speed, fast engines and leather wearing men, Sammy finds herself in the company of people who know how to live.
Desperate to ignore the mess her father has left behind in the wake of his death, Sammy sets off looking for adventure.
When Josh Grieve agrees to take his elder brothers bike-touring group on a biking weekend, he expects to see the countryside from the perch on his favorite Suzuki and the chance to kick back from his busy schedule.
What Josh doesn’t expect is for his life to be turned inside out by a timid, intelligent woman who rocks a set of bike leathers.
Thrown together by fate, twisted together by lust. Will Josh be able to overcome his reluctance to commit before it is too late?



“Have you even slept yet?” he asked, his gaze turning darker as he studied her face.
Sammy swallowed and shook her head weakly. “No, not yet. I can’t seem to fall asleep.” She wondered how she could feel so tired, so weary, yet wide awake at the same time.
Josh swore loudly and moved to her.
Sammy watched as he climbed onto the bed, his big body making the mattress dip under his bulky weight. He threaded his arm under her neck slowly and drew her into his arms. At first Sammy was stiff and confused, but the more he stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head, the more Sammy found she relaxed. The pain receded slightly, freeing up her mind and Sammy was able to catch her breath again.
“You don’t have to do this,” she said weakly, but Josh just tightened his arm around her, making sure Sammy rested her cheek on his chest. His heartbeat was a strong sound under her ear and Sammy reveled in the heat his massive body gave off. They lay in silence for a couple of minutes, and Sammy would have thought it would be awkward, but the way he held her, gently, yet sure and strong, had Sammy sinking closer and closer to the comfort he offered.
“When I was a kid, I broke my arm.” Josh began, breaking the lazy silence. His deep voice was a lovely rumble against her ear. Sammy smiled and closed her eyes as she listened to him speak, the sound of his words a balm to her nerves, a welcome distraction to her pain. “I was climbing trees with my brother, and as usual, Tony was faster and better at it than me.”
Sammy chuckled at the image. Tony was a stocky, slightly overweight man, she couldn’t imagine him climbing a tree, let alone fast.
Josh huffed a small sound and stroked his hand idly over Sammy’s arm. Sammy loved the feeling of his hot, calloused hand as it petted her, the feeling was comforting … nice. She stayed still and kept her eyes closed, and she hoped he wouldn’t stop talking, or stroking.
“You might laugh, sweetheart, but in his day, before kids and a wife, Tony was the coolest lad in town.” Sammy smiled against his chest, her mind slowly relaxing, the pain less, and all she could concentrate on was the sound of Josh’s lovely, sexy voice. Especially when he uttered the easy word, sweetheart. No one ever used an endearment for her, and she found she liked it, a lot.
“I heard how women ruin good men.” Sammy said teasingly, even as she yawned against his chest.
“They certainly do.” Josh replied.
Sammy heard the catch in Josh’s voice, and she suddenly remembered what she’d been told about him being jilted last year. The reminder sent a strange tense feeling through her body, leaving a cold pain in her lungs. But Sammy, selfishly, didn’t want to ruin the only time she had ever been comforted in such a nice way, so she changed the subject back to safer grounds.
“So, how did you break it?” Sammy asked sleepily, eager for him to continue talking. She snuggled a little closer to Josh’s heat and sighed, contented.
Josh cleared his throat, but continued his gentle stroking of her arm. He kissed the top of her head again and Sammy felt tiredness swarm her mind. She yawned and sighed deeply, sleepiness making her heavy and relaxed.
“Go to sleep, Sammy, and I’ll tell you when you wake up.”

Find Kerrianne on Facebook or on her blog.


Climbing the ranks with a bullet!

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Thanks to YOU, THE RELUCTANT REAPER is shooting up the Amazon ranks! Best Sellers Rank:
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 Meanwhile, in Canada:

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Weekend Writing Warriors-Rescue by Ruin Part 3

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.

Today I have another snippet from Rescue by Ruin, a Victorian steampunk story, for you. Beatrice and Vaughn are currently on the Venia, a dirigible of ill-repute, and he has asked her to dance. Due to their location things are not quite as you would find them in any other ballroom. Please forgive my over-use of semicolons;).


“No one knew who she was; in this moment propriety no longer restricted her. Yes, before she left she needed to remove her mask and find a way to be recognized, but that wasn’t her priority right now.

Making memories was.

Bea slowly moved her hand until she caressed his nape with her fingertips. For a moment she wished her gloves off, wished to experience the feel of him directly against her flesh. His muscles bunched beneath her touch; he spread his palm on the middle of her lower back. Butterflies danced through her stomach. Vaughn and her separated slightly and their gazes met.”

Thank you for stopping by. I am currently neck deep in edits for DbD, the sequel to Rescue by Ruin, which means I won’t be online a lot.

Have a wonderful first weekend in January 2014.


Forced to marry a violent man, Beatrice knows only one way out—ruin her reputation. She climbs aboard the Venia, a dirigible of ill repute, for a masquerade. Bea does not expect to run into Vaughn Kemple, the third Duke of Missenden, who eight months ago left her without an explanation. Feeling secure behind her mask, she decides Vaughn will be the one to ruin her. She may not get to spend forever with this man she still loves, but at least she can have one night of pleasure.

But a mask is not enough to hide her identity. Vaughn recognizes Bea, shocked to find her aboard an airship where sexual freedom isn’t just a thought, it’s celebrated. But her actions are far from innocent. Captivated, he’s determined to make her his.

The heat between them flares, but Vaughn is torn between desire and honor. Bea is afraid to risk her heart on a man she can’t trust. And when her future husband arrives on the scene, it’s more than their hearts in danger.

Buy it from Ellora’s Cave, Amazon or Kobo.

My Favourite Reads of 2013

I had hoped to read 125 books this year, but I only made it to 122.

Here are some of my favourite reads of 2013 in chronological order:

1) Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs (urban fantasy)

I just love the Mercy Thompson stories. Each book gets better and better. I love Mercy and Adam together and the way she is finding her place in the wolf pack.

2) Loki’s Wolves by Kelley Armstrong & Melissa Marr (middle grade fiction)

In Viking times, Norse myths predicted the end of the world, an event called Ragnarok, that only the gods can stop. The gods are dead so it is up to Thor’s and Loki’s descendants Matthew, Fen and Laurie to save the world. This action-packed adventure is the first in the epic Blackwell Pages series filled with larger-than-life legends, gripping battles, and an engaging cast of characters who bring the myths to life. I cannot wait for Odin’s Ravens.

3) Rush by Eve Silver (teen)

Rush is the best alien-invading-earth sci-fi story this year. When Miki is left bloody and broken in the road she is pulled into a game beyond her wildest imagination. A game where she has to fight for her life and defend her planet against the invasion of the Drau.

4) Island of Fire by Lisa McMann (middle grade fiction)

This is book 3 in the Unwanteds series. The series gets better with each book and I cannot wait to see what else the characters have to survive and overcome.

5) The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson (teen)

I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its unique world and fabulous characters. The concept of having chalk creatures come to life to either kill you or protect you is amazing. I am very much looking forward to book 2.

6) Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh (romance)

Nalini could write a phone book and I would read it. I LOVE her writing and the Psy/Changeling series in particular. This story brings one major story arch to conclusion.

7) Bare it All by Lori Foster (contemp Romance)

Sexy cop, mysterious young woman and fabulous side characters. What more do you need?;)

8) Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman (early reader age 6-8)

I am not a big fan of Neil Gaiman, but Fortunately the Milk is absolutely fabulous. Dad didn’t listen when mum told him to make sure there’s milk. He goes out to get more and then doesn’t come back for hours. When he does come back he has the wildest story for being late involving aliens, pirates and a time-travelling dinosaur in a hot-air balloon.

9) Counting by 7s by Holly Sloan Goldberg (middle grade)

This book was quite a surprise. It reminded me of Forest Gump because every time the main character makes a decision or meets a new person something amazing is just around the corner.

10) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (teen)

I sat down and read this book in one sitting. Fabulous characters, issues and experiences dealt with beautifully and a great story around fandom. A must-read for everyone!

11) Fever and Burn by Maya Banks (contemp romance)

I love Maya’s books. Great story, well-developed characters and scorching hot sex. Makes for fabulous reads;).

12) Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell (middle grade)

Chris Riddell is one of my favourite illustrators. Goth Girl is the first in a new series and filled with the most amazing illustrations. It also has a lot of little jokes hidden in the pictures. If you’re looking for a chapter book to share with a 7-9 year old Goth Girl is the perfect match.

13) Ritual Magic by Eileen Wilks (urban fantasy)

OMG, this is such a fabulous series filled with werewolves (and other paranormal people) and a heroine who cannot be touched by magic. Amazing worldbuilding and characters you want as friends. If you haven’t tried the series run to the store and get book 1;).

14) The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas (teen)

This is a fabulous start to a new series which mixes historic fiction and fantasy. Great worldbuilding, intriguing characters and cool story with the mandatory prophecy puts this on my favourite books of the year list.

15) Colter’s Gift by Maya Banks (romance)

The final book in the Colter series and a great conclusion. One damaged heroin and two super-sexy bodyguards…you can imagine the rest;).

16) Archangel’s Legion by Nalini Singh (romance)

Angels and vampires like you have never seen them before. Elena and Raphael face a battle they had not expected and learn more about their relationship. Run to the store and get book 1 if you haven’t tried the series yet;).

17) The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johanson (fantasy)

O.M.G. This is one of the best books I have read in a while. It comes out July 2014. It starts on a somewhat predictable note with a young woman who grew up in hiding having to take up the throne of her kingdom. She expects assassination attempts every day. What grabbed me by the throat was the unpredictability of the characters. I had no idea how they would respond to the obstacles thrown in their way, which kept me on the edge of my seat and made the read the book in 2 days.

18) Laid Bare and Inside Out by Lauren Dane (contemp romance)

I love Lauren’s books. She has a way of merging amazing characters with interesting story, and a well-developed and believable romance.

So here are some of my favourite reads of 2013. What have you really enjoyed this year?

Happy New Year and may 2014 be the best year yet!


These came in the mail the other day!


I ordered some magnets through vistaprint after the fabulous Gina X. Grant helped with the design (can I just say that designing marketing material is bloody hard!). This is the very first time I ordered swag for myself, so I am rather excited;).

I quite like the design, but there are a few tweaks I’d like to make if I can wade through the procedures. With RomantiCon 13 coming next month I better get my bum in gear.

A lot of people have mentioned that paper swag is not particularly popular. What kind of swag do you like and actually take home with you?