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Sneak Peek Sunday

I am finally making progress with Sexy Steampunk 2!

“The magic of the moment collapsed around Susan. The protection of being a model vanished. Embarrassment heated her cheeks. She didn’t meet his eyes when she took the garment.

Warren growled when she moved.

Susan flinched and held the fabric before her body.

Archer rested a hand on her shoulder, his thumb rubbing across her tense muscles.

Her nipples tightened. The tension she’d carried with her since she’d left the day before spread across her core.

She didn’t want to step away.”

Sneak Peek Sunday-31st March 2013

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday. Click here to read the other great snippets.

Here is a little snippet from “Rescue by Ruin”.

“Before she could protest Vaughn lifted her into his arms.

“You’re causing a scene,” she hissed, but he ignored her.

“We’ve been over this. No one cares.”

Bea dragged her attention away from the man who had enchanted her and looked around.

The automaton quartet still played, but no one danced anymore. At least not in any way, shape or form that would be permissible in any other ballroom she’d ever been in. Sparks spread through her body as she watched other couples and threesomes engage with one another.

Her breathing stopped for a moment when a woman dressed like a milkmaid leaned back against a soldier and a pirate lifted her breasts out of the top of her dress. The woman moaned when the pirate pulled one nipple into his mouth.

Bea’s nipples throbbed, wishing for Vaughn’s touch again.

The soldier followed the woman’s body with both his hands and caressed her above her clothes. The pirate moved between her breasts, kissing and sucking and…licking? She saw his glistening tongue slide across the woman’s nipple.

The wildfire flared back to life between her legs.

Vaughn paused and studied her face.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday-24/03/13

Here is my Sneak Peak for this Sunday. Check out the other fabulous Sneak Peeks here.

This is an snippet from Tangled Hunger.

“Something tickled the outside of her left wing. She shook it but the tickle didn’t go away. She looked over her shoulder and saw the Vampire gently, teasingly stroke along her feathers. Tanasha was just about to shake them again when she caught the look in his eyes.

Eyes that had taken on the now familiar silver tint.

But not with anger.

“What are you doing?” She had to clear her throat a couple of times before she could actually form a sentence. Having him stroke her outer wing feathers had the same impact on her as his caressing her breast would. The closer to the center of the wings the touch went, the more sensitive they became.

He didn’t look at her but focused solely on her wings. Duncan ruffled the feathers, going against the grain only to stroke them back down.

Her heart skipped a beat and her simmering arousal sprang to life full force. She grew wet. Jade, did he have any idea what he did to her?”

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Sneak Peek Sunday-17th March 2013

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday. Click here to check out all the other great excerpts.

This is a snippet from “Dirigibles Are Forever”, a steampunk story I finished a little while ago.

Jack stole across the hangar, keeping the bodies of the dirigibles between himself and the drone. Finally he found the ideal space at the back propeller of his own dirigible, the Highwayman, which had a circular open space before it. The drone slowly rolled through the space, sensors alert.

He lined up his shot, his arm movement hidden behind the propeller. The gun popped and the bolt whistled across. It hit exactly where Jack had aimed for, the center of its clockwork mechanism. The bolt silenced the alarm and froze the machine in place, but didn’t shut it down, which would have set off a secondary alarm.

He shoved the pistol back into his pocket and strode forward. His machinations had paid off. The Bismarck was parked beside his Highwayman. Jack tilted his head so his face remained hidden and pulled his tools out of his pocket.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sneak Peek Sunday-10th March 2013

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday snippet from the book that will never end or that is how it feels;). It is still the sequel to “Rescue by Ruin” and in my head called Sexy Steampunk 2. I really need to come up with a proper title…

“His lover now tenderly kissed the bite mark on his neck and gently rubbed his nipples, helping him to slowly come down.

“I love you.” Warren rubbed his cheek against Archer’s chest, wanting to curl into his partner and never move again. Whatever happened next with Miss Rigdon he knew it would change them. Most likely on a fundamental level.

As Archer wrapped his arms around Warren and said “I love you”, Warren could only hope that it would be change for the better.”


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Sneak Peak Sunday

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday from my current, unnamed WIP. It is the sequel to Rescue by Ruin.

“Warren smiled, love and arousal bringing out the gold in his eyes. “You had enough tension racing through you to crack a wall.” He rubbed his fingertips across Archer’s cheek. “What happened? Has the indomitable Miss Rigdon thrown you in a spin again?”

Archer sank onto the sofa, which was wide enough they could lie side by side, and leaned into Warren’s touch. When they’d moved in together four years ago, well aware of what would happen if anyone ever discovered their true relationship, they’d sworn never to lie to each other.

He leaned forward and kissed Warren. “She is the one for me.”

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Sneak Peek Sunday

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday. Go here if you would like to see the rest.

Tangled Indulgence is out on March 1st. Here is a glimpse at what Adira and Mal are up to.

Adira’s eyes dropped shut and she tweaked her nipple with more force. She’d never dared to go commando. For a second she imagined herself in a short skirt, no underwear, in a dark alley. Mal pushed her unclad breasts against the rough wall and pulled up her skirt. She was wet. So wet moisture covered the tops of her thighs. His heat covered her back and the hardness of his cock burned her ass.

He rubbed his dick along her wet slit, covering himself in her juices. Then he pulled back and Adira dug her nails into the rough wall.


Her eyes shot open. Her hand fell from her breast at the sight of the man beside her. “Mal,” she croaked. “What are you doing here?” Realizing her other hand still cupped her wet pussy through her trousers she flushed and straightened.

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Sneak Peek Sunday

And another Sneak Peek Sunday. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. The older I get, the more time seems to fly.

Here is the opening of Tangled Shadows, much less racy than the last;). But believe me things get hot and heavy between the three very quickly…

Hot Jade, somebody broke the mold after creating those two.

Brooke Deverell slouched in her chair and admired the man candy who walked into the bar. Her hormones sat up and danced, telling her it had been far too long since she’d had anything other than solar-powered toys between her legs.

The bar had seen better days, but that was the norm for a remote outpost like Teren. Smoke and the scent of cheap meat cooking hung in the air like a wet blanket. A handful of customers sat scattered throughout the dimly lit, one-room building, the majority of them pilots and mercenaries taking a quick break for refueling. One youngster, judging by the way he threw his credits around to entice enthusiasm out of the bored street courtesans, had just gotten paid.

Three men sat around a table close to the entrance, opposite from Brooke, dressed in flight suits scarred by experiences and battles, carrying their weapons in the open. One of the mercenaries called out, “Galen.”

The taller of the man candy raised his hand in a wave. He leaned back, gently kissed his partner on the lips and said, “Give me a minute, Nikolai,” before striding over to the other pilot. His smooth voice carried easily above the low hum of talk. He navigated the uneven splintered floors with a sleek grace that made Brooke drool just the tiniest bit.

Their kiss caused her to sigh with disappointment, but she could still appreciate.

Brooke may be in for a surprise:). You can find the other Sneak Peek Sunday members here.

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