Shadow Codex Release Day!

Surprise! I have a book release today! Shadow Codex, the first book in my new paranormal romance world, releases today! I am super excited to share Caleigh and Sawyer with you.


One witch. One shifter. One angry god hell-bent on the destruction of the world.

Witch Caleigh hunts for the Shadow Codex. She has seven days to unearth it and learn the spell to banish a god before he can do the wipe out the world thing. She didn’t anticipate being joined by sexy Sawyer, the man she’s had a crush on for months. After having suffered devastating loss she’s no longer willing to risk her heart, so a crush is all it can be.

Sawyer has one goal: fulfil his duty as alpha and protect his pack at all cost. Being sidetracked by luscious Caleigh wasn’t part of the plan. When he discovers they are after the same book he’s happy to savor every moment with her. That is all he can do. Because bringing a human into a world where physical prowess is everything would kill her.

The chemistry between them grows explosive until danger catapults them over the edge. Caleigh has to decide how much she’s willing to risk. Sawyer needs to determine if his pack is all that matters. When danger closes in it may be easier to banish a god than to face their inner demons.

I didn’t really have much opportunity to talk about Shadow Codex in the run up to release as we did a very quick turnaround so it would be ready for RT. And now it’s here. According to friend and fabulous reader Natalie it’s #TeamSawyer Forever:).

You can buy Shadow Codex from Loose Id at the slightly discounted price of $4.49. That discount is only temporary, so make the most of it;).

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