Weekend Writing Warriors-Blindsided Snippet 8

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I’m now calling this story Blindsided, but it will be only a working title. There are a number of books already released with this sane title;). This snippet comes a little bit after last week’s. Ana has left Jace’s garage after he (hopefully) fixed her car. As much as she enjoys his presence she doesn’t plan to see him again until she discovers that Reacher, Jace’s dog, has stowed away in her car. She phoned Jace to let him know. The last line was “I have Reacher.” We’re in her point of view.

“Silence echoed across the phone line.

“Not sure how, but he must have climbed into the backseat while we were at the office. I didn’t know he was there until I opened the back door to grab my stuff and he slobbered his kisses all over me.”

His stillness took on a different tenor. Where before it had reverberated with demand and a touch of accusation—and damn did he know how to wield silence—it now grew more relaxed. “He’s never gone for a ride with someone like that; Reacher must really like you.”

She stroked the dog’s head and he groaned with delight. “That goes both ways; I am very sorry I didn’t check my backseat before I left.”

His shrug practically transferred through the line. “Things happen-do you want me to come and get him?”

What works, what doesn’t?

Happy Sunday and have a fabulous week! And here is some more research:

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  1. Awww . . . surely the fact that Reacher likes Ana enough to jump into her car means that Jace will have to soften up just a little. Love the stowaway dog!

  2. Nicely done. Lots of fun ahead is the forecast for this story.

  3. I like how you use silence in this piece. It’s so hard to make a phone convo interesting and realistic, but this is great:)

  4. “and damn did he know how to wield silence” is my favorite line of the day, Tina.

    I really like this passage—it tells us so much about him and he barely says a word! 🙂

  5. Great job conveying his tension- I think he was about to jump through the line and put the hurt on anyone who messed with his dog. Good thing Ana cleared things up!

  6. Enjoyed the snippet, liked the way you raised and then defused the tension when he leaped to the conclusion she’d stolen the dog. Excellent!

    Putting on the Moderator hat though, I count 12 sentences….. 😦

  7. She’s almost telepathic, with how she senses his mood through the phone. Though I have to say–why would she have thought to check her back seat? She had no way to know the dog would visit.

  8. That pup is setting them up…

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