Weekend Writing Warriors-Blindsided WIP Snippet 7

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I’m now calling this story Blindsided, but it will be only a working title. There are a number of books already released with this sane title;). This snippet comes a little bit after last week’s. Ana has left Jace’s garage after he (hopefully) fixed her car. As much as she enjoys his presence she doesn’t plan to see him again until she discovers that Reacher, Jace’s dog, has stowed away in her car. Her work has a “take the dog to work” policy, so she takes Reacher inside and phones Jace. We are in Ana’s point of view.

“She turned on her computer and dug out the slightly crinkled invoice and stroked across the wrinkles in an attempt to flatten it. She picked up the receiver and took a deep breath before dialing the number on the invoice.


She had to bite her tongue not to giggle like a demented teenager with a huge crush. “Mr. Deegan?”

“That’s me.”

“This is Ana Marshall. I was at your garage this morning.”

“I remember.” His impatience practically jumped through the phone.

“I have Reacher,” she blurted out.”

What works, what doesn’t?

For this draft the dog will continue as Reacher.

I’ll be around a little bit later today as I am going to a couple of open houses. I’m looking to buy my first home, so now I need to have a look around and get an idea of what is out there. Exciting and terrifying at the same time:).

Happy Sunday and have a fabulous week! And here is some more research:

soldier 1 soldier 3 Soldiers2

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  1. Good snippet, Tina. Pets warm a story and this proves it.

  2. I like your research 😉 I love the snippet although I was confused as to why she would giggle in this situation. I should probably read last weeks snippet to get caught up…duh.

  3. I hate when people sound impatient on the phone. I hope this teaches mr garage man a lesson!!! ❤ Good luck buying a house!

  4. I like her hesitance. And Reacher seems to be doing a little matchmaking! 😀

    (You know how to do some effective researching, Tina. 😉 )

    • Lol, yes, Reacher has a plan;).
      And I strongly believe someone needs to sacrifice herself to share this important research with you guys and I decided to take on that burden. I hope you appreciate it;).

  5. Nice research! Enjoyed the snippet but I too was puzzled why she’d nearly giggle? I do enjoy the concept that the dog is going to bring them together…

  6. Yummy Reacher. I want. Love your snippet

  7. Giggle might work, Tina but since we only get a snippet and not the full concept which could have occurred earlier in the story it stood out. maybe in the context of the story it is appropriate 🙂 especially if banter occurred between them at the garage

  8. Nice way to end the snippet. You leave me wondering what his response will be.

  9. She could have worded that a little better… it almost sounds like she kidnapped his dog!

  10. I’d say maybe it was a nervous laugh, less of a schoolgirl giggle? I’m eager to find out how he’s going to respond to her having his dog! (And yeah, will he think she means she took him, like Caitlin suggested?)

  11. demented teenager with a crush – lol – been there! Great snippet.

  12. Hmmm. Pivotal scene. Jace could suspect her of nabbing Reacher or be grateful for her call. Good job.

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