Weekend Writing Warriors-New WIP Snippet 3

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors, the perfect place to discover new authors and fall in love with their writing. Each Sunday we share 8 to 10 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.


The new story so far has no title and no blurb. This snippet is a few paragraphs after last week’s. Ana arrived at Jace’s garage in her high-end SUV. He sensed that underneath her frustration she was afraid of something, but after what he had been through he’s told himself he was no longer in the business of saving damsels in distress. At least with anything other than their cars;). He asks her what the problem was and she describes how she constantly has this red light going on and off in her dashboard; usually off when she reaches a garage. She also alludes to the fact that she has been to other places but with little success. He offers to have a look this afternoon. Ana speaks first, but we’re in Jace’s point of view.

“Would you know anything about the current bus time table in this area? I need to get downtown for a meeting I can’t move.”

He glanced at her clenched hands-no ring. “No one who can give you a lift?”

She shook her head. “No, I’m new to the area and am still finding my way.”

No husband, no boyfriend-not that he was interested. She may have the sweetest body and the bluest eyes he’d seen in quite some time, but his gut told him this one was trouble. Cute as a button, but trouble.

And he’d had enough trouble to last him two lifetimes.

What works, what doesn’t?

I’ll probably be around a little later during the day as I have a number of things on my plate in the morning.

As my…inspirations found such positive responses last week I’ve decided to share a couple more;).

mechanic 3 mechanic 4



Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Writing!

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  1. Terrific! Two characters with needs and he’s just the man to jump in and offer help. Love it.

  2. He’s doomed. No bus for her, I bet!

  3. I’m with Alexis, it’s too late for him! 😀

    (that first image–whew!)

  4. Daryl Devore

    Whoa – I had a comment then I saw the photos and my brain went blank. Oh yea – love the line cute as a button, but trouble.

  5. I’m sure he’s going to find himself helping her out in more ways than one…excellent excerpt!

  6. If he thinks she’s trouble, she probably is!

  7. His gut is telling him–but what fun would that be to listen?? She’s trouble, such good trouble, I think. Nice snippet, Tina!

  8. He’ll arrange for a ride, I’m sure, even if it’s against his better judgment. And a belated Dominion Day to you, too! (Hey, I’m an old fart; to me, it’ll always be Dominion Day.)

  9. I love how quickly he’s processing the information about her- is she single? Yep. Cute? Yep. Trouble? Yep. Uh-oh. This looks like the beginnings of a really interesting story.

  10. But cute trouble might be worth it! He’s certainly tempted to try and see.

  11. Oh goodness! Thank you for the eye candy. 😀 Loved the excerpt too. He won’t be able to resist her for much longer, me thinks.

  12. What’s wrong with a little trouble? 😉 He sooo wants her!

  13. chellecordero

    Seems to me that he is very attracted to trouble. And I love your inspiring pics!

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