Weekend Writing Warriors-New WIP Snippet 2

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about my new and still slightly fragile WIP. The encouragement you have shared is wonderful:).

The new story so far has no title and no blurb. Last week a high-end SUV drove up to Jace’s garage (which still needs a name if you have suggestions;) and the driver did not appear to be in a happy mood as she climbed down.

“She strode toward him, frustration rolling off her in waves. But something else as well, something that made the hairs on the back of his neck rise and tension invade his body: fear.

“Good morning,” she said, attempting a smile.

“Morning,” he replied, intrigued that she tried not to let her feelings affect her manners. “Jace Deegan, owner.” That kind of restraint did not fit with what he’d expected from the driver of the SUV. “How can I help?” He reminded himself that it was his job to be nice to customers. Usually Savannah took care of these kinds of things, but she was off today.

More importantly, he needed to remember he was only here to help with her car-he’d hung up his damsel-in-distress-saving shoes when he came home from Afghanistan.”

What works, what doesn’t? Is the opening compelling enough for you to continue reading?

I somehow stumbled into writing about an ex-soldier who is now a mechanic. Visuals usually help, so here are a couple of inspirational pictures (in case you’re wondering, Jace would have no reason to roll around in grease and he’s wearing a shirt, so these are just thought starters;).

sexy mechanic 1sexy mechanic 2








Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Writing!

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  1. The opening is definitely compelling to continue reading. You described him so well in only a few sentences. He definitely has a tragic backstory. Nice snippet!

  2. Isn’t he usually “nice” to customers? I like the suggestion of fear.

    • Hm, he is nice, he’s just not what you would cal charming or what you’d be looking for when dealing with customers. I’ll make a note and see if I can make it clearer;). Thanks, Aurora.

  3. Ah, so she isn’t a soccer mom with a ‘tude, after all! 🙂

    Intriguing stuff, Tina!

  4. I like how neither of them are falling to their baser natures, and that you’ve got them talking. And… the second picture…. *fans self*

  5. He might get more customers without a shirt. Great excerpt!

  6. So good, the dialogue brief but the reader gets the awkward picture you’ve painted.
    He can give me a tune-up anytime.

  7. Get those damsel-in-distress-helping shoes back out, I have a feeling! Really enjoyed the excerpt, can’t wait to read more.

  8. Oh, what pretty pictures. Love the ‘damsel-in-distress saving shoes’ line:)

  9. I can think of several reasons to roll around in the grease:) I am hooked, and I’m pretty sure Jace will be too.

  10. A lot of people try to be polite, even when they’re hurting. I wonder how long she can keep up the facade, though–or how long he can resist the urge to help.

  11. What struck me most was his sensation of fear. He doesn’t strike me as the fearful sort, so I wonder what’s going on with that.

  12. I thought it interesting that he might fear her. Usually the other way around. Might that have something to do with Afghanistan? And the fact that she remains civil and he misjudges her–all very interesting anti-stereotypes. Definitely want to read more!

  13. Yeah, I’m wondering what he’s fearful about. Perhaps a little more detail about her is needed. What is it about her that makes his hair stand on end? And why is he so reluctant to deal with customers? This is a WIP, so all of these questions may be answered before or after this snippet, so it’s hard to judge. I’m just telling you what I think as I read this.

  14. This is definitely a great beginning! You’ve dropped in just enough intriguing details to show this is no ordinary mechanic and what he’s about to deal with won’t be mundane either.

  15. Oooh, I like your mechanic visual. I’d take my car there. 🙂

    I think it works, Tina. I recently read that you should have 3 hooks on your first page. Suggested– the first sentence. The end of the first paragraph, and the end of the first page. Not sure how your first page will end, but I think you did a great job hooking the reader. I love that last line. 🙂 !

  16. chellecordero

    Ok, I am recovering from your visual assists… nice.

    I like the distance between them and the tension, it is just so THERE and very compelling. His thought at the end says so much about him and makes me want, no, need to know more – “he’d hung up his damsel-in-distress-saving shoes when he came home from Afghanistan”

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