Weekend Writing Warriors-Steampunk WIP Snippet 12

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors, the perfect place to discover new authors and fall in love with their writing. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.


I’m continuing to share from my current work in progress FPWL. It’s a companion novel to Dirigibles Are Forever and the beginning of a trilogy. This snippet is a little after last week’s. Garrett is taking her on a tour of the dirigible. They have a difference of opinion on where he should take her. Their first stop is the dining room and when Clara asks what’s next Garrett replies:

“The Writing Room.” He bit the inside of his cheek to contain his smile when she rolled her eyes.

“Of course, the writing room.” She tightened her grip on his arm and threw him a glance from beneath her lashes. “Sometimes going slow can be very, very boring.”

All levity disappeared. He leaned close enough to feel her breath on his face. “But the reward for going slow can make up for everything else.”

What works, what doesn’t?

The book that will not end did it again. It threw me yet another curve ball. This time the ball includes me deleting a few thousand words and taking a new direction. I like this new direction and am hoping that things will finally come together. I just wish I’d come up with it before. But that’ll teach me to plan ahead better;).

Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Writing!




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  1. Do what the man says, lady. Slow is better. Fine snippet.

  2. That last line! *shivers* Indeed.

  3. Oh, oh. Hope she doesn’t let her secret ambitions get in the way of their lovely flirting. The man will not be rushed.

  4. Oh the undertones! Enjoyed the excerpt, don’t change a thing!

  5. Another nice double entendre!

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