Weekend Writing Warriors-Steampunk WIP Snippet 6

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors, the perfect place to discover new authors and fall in love with their writing. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.


I’m continuing to share from my current work in progress FPWL. It’s a companion novel to Dirigibles Are Forever and hopefully the beginning of a trilogy. This snippet comes a little after my last one. Clara approached Jens, the young stewart she made blush in the first snippet. Garrett, my hero overheard part of the conversation and stepped closer. After some back and forth where she plays a bit of a role for Jens she shows him a hint of her true self. We’re in his point of view.

“Intelligence filled her grey eyes. Her lips, up until now curved in a slight smile, firmed and straightened.

He raised his right eyebrow.

She narrowed her gaze, but didn’t say anything. Instead she studied him from the tips of his boots to the top of his head and every inch in between. Heat spread through his body, unexpected and not completely welcome.

Then she raised her brow and mirrored his stance.

He couldn’t help himself and smiled-it had been a very, very long time since a woman had intrigued him after just exchanging two sentences. “

What works, what doesn’t?

Last week I was in Germany visiting my mum so I had to miss you guys. I’m looking forward to catching up with your fabulous stories again. I’m playing with a couple of ideas for two new series, very different from anything I’ve done so far. One is contemporary and the other is paranormal romance. I’m very much in the beginning stages and need to see if either or both develop into more.

Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Writing!




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  1. Well written. Intriguing eight with heat and a lot going on internally between them.

  2. I think she’s got him a little off kilter! Nice 8.

  3. Eyebrows, lips, facial expressions, stance, all used as weapons in a silent duel. Awesome. It works for me. 🙂

  4. Wow, they’re saying a lot without uttering a word – very effective and well written. Can’t wait to see what they do say! Great 8!

  5. The first thing that appeals is her intelligence. I love him already! Great 8. Well done.

  6. I am so jealous of how you described the facial expression. WOW! Great snippet!

  7. You can feel the zing in their gaze.

  8. Well, that’s putting the steam into steampunk. 😉
    I have a feeling I’ll love these two as much as I loved Jack and Holly!

  9. They might have not exchanged a lot of words, but those are some “speaking” glances–a whole conversation’s worth!

  10. Very intriguing. I like this non-verbal exchange. It’s amazing how much can be said without uttering a word. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  11. Your descriptive narrative is fantastic, I can practically see her staring at him with her lips straight.. Super 8.

  12. Talk about heated glances! I love Clara- she’s so much braver than I am. I could never look a guy over like that, or go on dangerous secret missions. 🙂

  13. So, she didn’t even need eight sentences to catch his interest–just two. BTW, I love that title, Dirigibles are Forever!

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