Weekend Writing Warriors-Dirigibles Are Forever Snippet 8

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors, the perfect place to discover new authors and fall in love with their writing. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.


I’m continuing with my sexy steampunk Christmas novella Dirigibles Are Forever (currently on sale at $2.71). I’ll have one last snippet next week and then I’ll move on to something new. Maybe FPWL, the companion novel, or something completely different.

Last week we discovered how Jack felt about Holly and her plans to leave. This week we’ll learn a little bit about why he is at the London Royal Port Authority in the first place. I had to get a tiny bit creative with the punctuation to give you the full paragraph.

“His gaze narrowed; his muscles tensed in readiness-there you are. “Bismarck, this is Tower Two. Bismarck, this is Tower Two.”

I hear y…Tower Two. Plea…give us unseren Kurs.” The heavy Prussian accent echoed through their connection.

Jack understood enough German to know the Bismarck had asked for their course, but he saw no reason to be helpful—or polite—to an enemy of the Empire. “I am sorry, Bismarck, please repeat.” And there was no way in hell he would allow them to unload their cargo tonight. Not until he had time to pay the Bismarck a visit.”

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I’ve dug down deep and have been pretty much glued to my laptop for the last three days. I’m quite impressed with myself for pounding out around 16k since Tuesday (and the Saturday night is still young. I’m hoping to make it to 18k, which probably means staying up until 2am again;), especially as FPWL has made me actively run away from my computer. I have no idea yet how much is actually usable, but at least I have something to edit;).

I just wish I’d had a little bit time to read…

Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Writing!


Dirigibles Are Forever blurb. You can read a sample chapter if you follow the link.

Working as an Aether Traffic Controller saved Holly Acklin after the death of her husband, but now she wants more—including a night of uninhibited passion with Jack Smith, whose very presence has kept her body tingling for months.

Special Agent Jack Smith kept his identity a secret when he came to the London Royal Port Authority with one assignment, one he cannot fail. It holds him back from following his attraction to Holly. But on the eve he must complete the mission, Holly asks for one night with no rules or boundaries, and his control snaps.

When London experiences an unexpectedly white Christmas, all dirigible traffic is grounded, leaving Holly and Jack free to act upon their stormy passions. Holly finds her determination to stay emotion-free crumbling unaware Jack is experiencing the same need. Each lover wishes for more, but fears it can’t be. Instead they focus their desires in mind-blowing passion.

But when Holly discovers that Jack isn’t who he claimed to be, everything is thrown into turmoil. Can she trust the man she thought she knew?

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  1. Jack’s ‘day job’ is so helpful in tracking deliveries by questionable sources, isn’t it?

    Good luck on your wordcount! Watch out for eyestrain and fingercramps! 🙂

  2. Ah, yes, I’ve been so intent on Holly’s seduction scheme I forgot about all the intrigue going on in Jack’s life. Another great snippet. Take care and don’t forget to get up and walk around the block once in a while.

  3. Interesting change reading about his day job. Excellent eight.
    Happy New year.

  4. Lots of tension in this, Tina. Nicely done! Happy New Year. Hope 2015 brings you happiness, love, and much success. 🙂

  5. Jack certainly is an interesting character all on his own, which this snippet demonstrates nicely. Best wishes on the writing sprints! Great 8…

  6. This cover job puts Jack in a great place to know about contraband or such being transported. I like the tension implied about his “visiting the Bismarck”. Great snippet.
    Wishing you a happy New Year.

  7. I love steampunk and this just went to the top of my TBR list. Happy New Year!

  8. Ooh, this adds a layer of intrigue! I wonder what the Bismarck is carrying? Great eight!

  9. Beautiful writing! Love the flow of action!

  10. I’m excited. It’s my first 8 sentence Sunday and I found a fellow steampunk author. I’m definitely checking out your books on Amazon today.

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