Get your happily ever after here!

My friend Gina Storm Grant has a new release. Quirky, funny and mysterious Lost Boys 2.0 is everything you’re looking for.

Lost Boys with frameNOW AVAILABLE! LOST BOYS 2.0.

USA TODAY called it “a mash-up of a detective novel, horror story and modern-day romance.”(And gave it 5 stars)

I call it fun-tasy. Dark in places, light in others. Overall, a Whedon-esque balance of fun and fright!

More from USA TODAY: “I loved the way Ms. Grant developed the nuances of this story. Lost Boys 2.0 is a character-driven book wrapped in an intricate plot that runs smoothly.” Read the whole review here.

LOST BOYS 2.0:If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em.
Book #2 of the B.O.O. Series (You needn’t have read SHIFT HAPPENS to enjoy LOST BOYS 2.0.)

Trapped outside the world, unlikely hero Thaddeus Wright must partner with sexy Secret Agent Peter Pan to save a new generation of Lost Boys.

Thaddeus Wright would love to forget his childhood. A bi-racial bastard orphaned at four, he was the very definition of…

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