Weekend Writing Warriors-Tangled Redemption Snippet 13

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating. better-wewriwa

I am continuing to share parts of Tangled Redemption, book 4 in the Celestial Surrender series. We first meet Sydney in Tangled Hunger, book 2 of the Celestial Surrender series.

In last week’s snippet Nasir offered Sydney up to his lieutenants. Miguel and Jayden spoke up and Nasir turned it into a competition. Miguel is not happy that he allowed himself to be sucked into one of Nasir’s games, but he couldn’t stop himself. He expected the competition to take place in the ring, but the Big Bad has other plans. Interesting punctuation has been used to give you the full paragraph. We are in Miguel’s point of view.

““No,” Nasir stopped them from leaving for the ring; all levity had disappeared from his face. “I don’t want my lieutenants fighting over food.” The hairs on the back of Miguel’s neck rose; “You will share.”

Miguel bit his tongue until he tasted blood. He knew he had been too blunt, too forceful with Nasir over the last few months, but he had reached a point where he no longer cared. This had now come back to bite him.

He preferred to initiate any sharing; his leader knew that and he still would make him go through with this. Miguel could step away, leave Sydney to Jayden, but he wasn’t prepared to do so.

Here is the blurb:

Sydney Radnall is no man’s toy, despite fate’s attempt to make her just that. A kidnapping puts her at the mercy of a sadistic Feral commander. Being held prisoner is bad enough, but her Naema blood is powerful. In her current Vampiric company her presence is like ringing a dinner bell.

In an attempt to break the commander makes her the pet of two of his lieutenants. Miguel is one of the most dangerous men she has ever met, but she can’t stop the attraction blazing between them. Then there is Jayden, a Vampire who is as surprising as he is sexy. Two Vampires she should not be attracted to, should not want to surrender to, should not trust.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Secrets and lies shadow their connections, making it impossible to see clearly. What are the chances of her finding lifemates while surrounded by enemies? And making the wrong decision could not just shatter her heart. It could cost her life.

Tangled Redemption will release on October 22nd.

I’ve had some sad family news. My brain is all over the place and what little focus I had is mostly gone, so I am still working on the outline for my next story. Fingers crossed I manage to make progress soon.

Have an amazing week and as always Happy Writing!

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  1. Well done with the inner thoughts and so the plot thickens. She’s in a whole mess of trouble.

  2. The plot thickens indeed. Tough things ahead. Well done.

  3. And the interesting developments continue. Miguel is so invested in her, very intriguing. Great snippet!

  4. Ooh, I loved the tasting of the blood! How intriguing! Great eight.

  5. “You will share.” Love it. I can’t wait to see how Jayden and Miguel deal with the situation. (Rubs hands together with glee).

  6. Sharing does not sound good for Sydney! Great little complication 🙂

  7. So they’re considering their captives as food?
    Sorry to hear of your family troubles, I know how worrisome and disruptive that can be.

  8. EEk! Sharing? Now I’m really interested to see how this turns out. Looks like Miguel will have to tread very carefully!

  9. I can feel the tension. Nice 8.

  10. Trouble (and Tension) with a capital T, yes, but this is gonna be Good with a capital G! 🙂

  11. Hugs, sorry to hear you have had bad news. Hope you find your focus, and some peace. This poor girl is sure in a bad spot. Interesting that Miguel is so drawn to her.

  12. Tina, I’m so sorry about your sad family news. I hope it’s not as bad as fist thought. Sending hugs.

    Your snippet is wonderful! I’m very worried for her. It looks bad, really bad. For food??? And Miguel’s chances of doing the right thing in private have been thwarted by having to share her.

    Good 8 🙂

  13. Disrespect a scary leader like that, there will be consequences! I sure hope he can deal with them, though.

  14. Sounds very scary indeed. Don’t like the sound of that – fighting over food! Yikes. How is this all going to work out?

    Sorry about your family news, hope things get easier soon.

  15. I know Nasir is the villain in this, but I totally support his decision here;)

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