Weekend Writing Warriors-Tangled Redemption Snippet 12

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating. better-wewriwa

I am continuing to share parts of Tangled Redemption, book 4 in the Celestial Surrender series. We first meet Sydney in Tangled Hunger, book 2 of the Celestial Surrender series.

In last week’s snippet the Big Bad couldn’t make up his mind what to do with Sydney. In the end he offered her up to his lieutenants. Everyone jumped at the opportunity, but Miguel and Jayden spoke up first. Miguel is not happy that he allowed himself to be sucked into one of Big Bad’s games, but he couldn’t stop himself. Interesting punctuation has been used to give you the full paragraph. We are in Miguel’s point of view.

“Nasir stroked his thumb up and down Sydney’s neck as he studied the two of them. Miguel remained impassive, knowing he’d set things in motion when he spoke up-the tension between Nasir and him would come to a head.

“Wonderful, a competition,” Nasir lifted her hand to his lips; Sydney’s arm twitched. “Honorable Radnall, two of my finest want to be your suitor. You’ve already met the Spaniard, Miguel Calatrave; please allow me to introduce Jayden Maywater.” He turned to Miguel, still holding Sydney’s hand, something that made Miguel want to rip off his. “I have to say I’m surprised at your interest. You don’t generally snack with us.”

Here is the blurb:

Sydney Radnall is no man’s toy, despite fate’s attempt to make her just that. A kidnapping puts her at the mercy of a sadistic Feral commander. Being held prisoner is bad enough, but her Naema blood is powerful. In her current Vampiric company her presence is like ringing a dinner bell.

In an attempt to break the commander makes her the pet of two of his lieutenants. Miguel is one of the most dangerous men she has ever met, but she can’t stop the attraction blazing between them. Then there is Jayden, a Vampire who is as surprising as he is sexy. Two Vampires she should not be attracted to, should not want to surrender to, should not trust.

But things aren’t always what they seem. Secrets and lies shadow their connections, making it impossible to see clearly. What are the chances of her finding lifemates while surrounded by enemies? And making the wrong decision could not just shatter her heart. It could cost her life.

Tangled Redemption will release on October 22nd (at least that is the plan at the moment). I am in over my head on edits for Dirigibles and want to finish them today. My mum is coming to stay with me on Monday for a few days and I want to have everything off my plate. It’s going to be a long Sunday. Wish me luck;).

Next I want to work on the outline for another steampunk story and I have an idea for another sci-fi story, the start to a series, but it needs to grow beyond the concept so I can turn it into an actual story;). I need more hours in the day. Who decided we needed to work for a living?!

Have an amazing week and as always Happy Writing!

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  1. I got a good sense of Miguel’s viewpoint. Interesting that you have a character from Spain in this story.

  2. Tangled web you’ve woven, Tina. Intrigue all over the place. Good eight.

  3. I don’t envy Sydney’s position at the moment! Nice 8.

  4. Looks like the scene is nicely set for a confrontation.

    “You don’t generally snack with us” – I like the word choice here 🙂

  5. Tense, hot, intriguing, wonder what Miguel is going to do next – great 8!

  6. And she’s at the crossroads. Things are about to change. Intriguing.

  7. Ugh! Being referred to as a prize in a competition, how demeaning – and also very effective at building the tension. Nicely done.
    Only comment, the line “…Miguel want to rip off his” seems a bit awkward, perhaps reversing it to “his off” might work better, but then again, this may be the way they speak?

  8. Such a tense scene! I love how fired up Miguel is. Can’t wait to see where you take things from here. 🙂

  9. Yikes! This doesn’t sound good at all. “Snack?” Disturbing…

  10. Very intense little moment here…you have me gulping a bit, wondering where this is gonna go!

  11. What effect will being a blood meal have on her?

  12. Nice! You’ve really shown the demeaning situation she’s in. And you’ve done some good character building for Miguel. I like him. I hope he’s a good guy. 🙂

    And I hear ya about the working thing. It really gets in the way of writing, huh? 🙂

  13. Wow, you can cut the tension with a knife! Makes me want to keep reading.

  14. If I were the Honorable Randall, I’d be a catatonic wreck by now!

    I hope the best vampire wins, here! 🙂

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