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Hi there! I hope wherever you are in the world that summer is treating you to beautiful weather and the opportunity to be outside.

This week I want to share with you one of my favourite contemporary series. It is Jaci Burton’s Play by Play series. I’ll give you a minute to…admire the covers.

Exactly! All done?

I have to say I have no interest whatsoever in sports. I have no idea about the rules of the games or why grown men and women get so excited about a bunch of super-fit men running after an egg-shaped ball, nearly killing each other over a flat vulcanised piece of rubber or smacking a ball with a wooden bat like there is no tomorrow.

But that doesn’t matter for this series. Jaci’s stories are what keep my bum glued to the chair. That and her characters (it doesn’t hurt that the books are HOT! HOT! HOT!;). The stories are compelling enough I can skim over the parts that I don’t understand. I imagine for fans of the relevant sport her details add to the story, but even without that I keep coming back to this series of siblings and friends all linked through their love of sport. I love a series where I revisit couples from a previous book or where I am introduced to the hero or heroine of the upcoming book as secondary characters. Jaci does an amazing job of keeping everything connected and making readers feel like they know the characters.

If you’re looking for some great contemporary reads with chemistry hot enough to burn your fingertips as you turn the page, give the Play by Play series a go. And there are quite a few, so you can binge without having to wait for months in between books.

What contemporary book or series do you count as one of your favourites?

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