Weekend Writing Warriors-Danger by Dalliance Snippet 9

Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors. Each Sunday we share 8 sentences from a current or finished manuscript. Click here for the rest of the amazing writers participating.


I am continuing to share snippets from Danger by Dalliance, a historical erotic menage with steampunk elements. This comes a little after last week’s snippet. Sarah has just agreed to pose nude for Archer’s “housemate” Warren in exchange for an early royalty payment, driving Archer crazy because he still doesn’t know what she needs the money for. We are now in Sarah’s point of view and find out more about her motivation. Archer speaks first. Mr. Kemmer is the tax collector and not a character I have shown in the snippets until now.

““And if at any point you would like to tell me what you require the funds for, we can reevaluate the situation.”

When hell becomes an ice skater’s paradise.

She flashed back to Mr. Kemmer. The broad jaw, wide shoulders and dirty-gray eyes. His onion-filled breath. His long fingers on her shoulders. His chapped lips against hers.

“We could come up with other ways for you to pay your taxes, Miss Rigdon, other ways indeed.”

I am re-evaluating my outline for Tangled Redemption. Things aren’t coming together the way I want them to, which may mean deleting everything I have so far and starting from scratch. *prays to the writing gods that this won’t be necessary*

Have an amazing week and as always Happy Writing!

Danger by Dalliance full

Danger by Dalliance

Sarah Rigdon is desperate. Penniless with taxes due, she can either beg mercy from the ruthless tax collector or turn to the last man she wants to ask for help. Archer Latimer stirs desires no proper lady would ever admit to. Though their meetings always end in quarrels, she can’t deny the heat between them. When he agrees to help, Sarah thinks her luck has turned. But she should have known nothing with Archer is ever easy.

Archer and his lover Warren Dorvee have spent years searching for the right woman to complete their family. Both believe luscious Sarah is the one and now have a chance to pursue her. After all, the price of Archer’s help is for Sarah to pose for Warren’s latest painting. Nude.

But trust has to be earned and a crisis in London threatens their love. The three must navigate through lust, lies and secrets or risk being torn apart forever.

Inside Scoop: Contains m/m, GLBT and ménage.

A Romantica® historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave, Amazon and Kobo.

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  1. Great job of making the tax guy uber creepy. Another motivation driving her to acts of desperation! I hope you don’t have to delete. Surely the gods will be generous and send you The Key to Solving Everything.

    • Thank you, Alexis. A friend and I went over my outline and managed to pull out the actual story amidst all the extra stuff I piled on top, so now I have more of a plan…maybe…possibly…;)

  2. Oh my…the guy is so disgusting. Way to capture that ick. ~shudder~

  3. Well, no wonder! I’d pose nude, too—no contest!

  4. Payment in kind, hmmm? Onion breath thrown in for free. Yuch! No wonder she didn’t baulk at posing nude.

  5. Great description of him. Well done.

  6. OK, the tax guy is totally disgusting so very well done! I still am not understanding why she won’t tell Rigdon what she needs the money for but I think it’s just because I don’t have all the backstory. Today’s snippet was a great 8!

    • Thank you, Veronica. I focused on the exchanges between my main characters for the snippets, so I think her motivation hasn’t come through clearly.
      Her father tends to get tunnel vision when he is on a mission and she has been cleaning up after him for years. She is embarrassed to share her father’s thoughtless behaviour with Archer, a man she sees as having every inch of his life completely under control. She also wants Archer to think well of her father in case there may be more business opportunities.

  7. Yikes, everybody thinks she can use her body to pay them! At least Archer isn’t so disgusting and creepy–and he’s sorry he asked, though she doesn’t know that yet.

  8. Onion breath. *shudder* Is there anything worse? lol. And this is coming from a girl who loves onions, btw. 😀 Great snippet, Tina!

  9. chellecordero

    Omigosh what a creep – I feel like I have to go shower now after reading that! You did a great job of conveying her desperation.

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