Weekend Writing Warriors Sunday Snippet 3

Welcome to my Weekend Writing Warriors Sunday Snippet. Check out all the other awesome writers participating here.


This is the third snippet from my current, untitled WIP, Sexy Steampunk 2, the sequel to Rescue by Ruin. The book is not yet finished and has no blurb. Archer and Warren want Susan to be their third. London 1897 does not exactly have an open society, so they have to be very careful on how they approach her. Susan went to Archer, who she has a crush on, for help and ended up posing naked for Warren, who is a painter. She has just finished her first full session, which also involved getting physically closer to her two men, something that could cost her everything.

“Susan had never felt like this before.

Archer’s heat behind her, his strength holding her up. Warren’s gentle, yet so titillating touch before her.

When they’d stopped the session she had been mentally and physically exhausted. Far more than she had ever imagined from standing still. She’d been sweaty and sticky. When Warren had started to clean her she’d been relieved she didn’t have to do it herself.

Each touch was a caress and the support and tantalizing feel of Archer behind her pushed her further and further down a path she had planned to avoid.”

Please remember this story has not yet been edited or polished;). Have a wonderful week.

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Erotic Romance writer

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  1. Oh wow…to be in her shoes. I’m tingling just picturing it. I love this scene.

  2. I don’t imagine they’ll have a difficult time getting her to participate in their menage a trois.

  3. Well, hot damn! Talk about sucking a person into a story. I’m hooked! Fabulous excerpt, Tina!

  4. Whew! I like how gentle these two are with her—the sex will be amazing, but it’s this kind of care and intimacy that’s going to hook her, I’ll bet. Very nice!

  5. So sensual. Love the set-up. Neat idea!

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