Sneak Peek Sunday-31st March 2013

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday. Click here to read the other great snippets.

Here is a little snippet from “Rescue by Ruin”.

“Before she could protest Vaughn lifted her into his arms.

“You’re causing a scene,” she hissed, but he ignored her.

“We’ve been over this. No one cares.”

Bea dragged her attention away from the man who had enchanted her and looked around.

The automaton quartet still played, but no one danced anymore. At least not in any way, shape or form that would be permissible in any other ballroom she’d ever been in. Sparks spread through her body as she watched other couples and threesomes engage with one another.

Her breathing stopped for a moment when a woman dressed like a milkmaid leaned back against a soldier and a pirate lifted her breasts out of the top of her dress. The woman moaned when the pirate pulled one nipple into his mouth.

Bea’s nipples throbbed, wishing for Vaughn’s touch again.

The soldier followed the woman’s body with both his hands and caressed her above her clothes. The pirate moved between her breasts, kissing and sucking and…licking? She saw his glistening tongue slide across the woman’s nipple.

The wildfire flared back to life between her legs.

Vaughn paused and studied her face.”

Have a fabulous Sunday and a great start to the week.

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