Sneak Peak Sunday

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday from my current, unnamed WIP. It is the sequel to Rescue by Ruin.

“Warren smiled, love and arousal bringing out the gold in his eyes. “You had enough tension racing through you to crack a wall.” He rubbed his fingertips across Archer’s cheek. “What happened? Has the indomitable Miss Rigdon thrown you in a spin again?”

Archer sank onto the sofa, which was wide enough they could lie side by side, and leaned into Warren’s touch. When they’d moved in together four years ago, well aware of what would happen if anyone ever discovered their true relationship, they’d sworn never to lie to each other.

He leaned forward and kissed Warren. “She is the one for me.”

Have a great week!

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Erotic Romance writer

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  1. Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Sneak Peek Sunday. 🙂

  2. Nice Tina. What is their ‘real’ relationship. Definitely draws you in.

  3. Oh! Nice snippet! So many questions I want answered. I’d certainly read on. 🙂

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