Tangled Indulgence-Snippet Four

All this week I’ll be sharing short snippets from Tangled Indulgence, releasing on Friday March 1st.

“Adira raised her phaser and slunk up the stairs, moving slowly from shadow to shadow, Mal not two steps behind her. It was slow going as the stairs were riddled with holes and missing treads. Finally she stopped just below the top of the steps.

The second floor opened up before her. The windows had been barricaded with wood and cardboard, restricting visibility. The captives sat in smaller groups, eight to ten, all with at least two guards. The rest of the guards covered the exits or milled about, intimidating the hostages. Opposite their landing a number of doorways led into other areas of the warehouse.

There’s no cover. If we start shooting at the bad guys we risk injuring the hostages.”

About Tina Christopher

Erotic Romance writer

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