Sneak Peek Sunday

Here is my Sneak Peek Sunday. Go here if you would like to see the rest.

Tangled Indulgence is out on March 1st. Here is a glimpse at what Adira and Mal are up to.

Adira’s eyes dropped shut and she tweaked her nipple with more force. She’d never dared to go commando. For a second she imagined herself in a short skirt, no underwear, in a dark alley. Mal pushed her unclad breasts against the rough wall and pulled up her skirt. She was wet. So wet moisture covered the tops of her thighs. His heat covered her back and the hardness of his cock burned her ass.

He rubbed his dick along her wet slit, covering himself in her juices. Then he pulled back and Adira dug her nails into the rough wall.


Her eyes shot open. Her hand fell from her breast at the sight of the man beside her. “Mal,” she croaked. “What are you doing here?” Realizing her other hand still cupped her wet pussy through her trousers she flushed and straightened.

Have a great Sunday!

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