Sneak Peek Sunday

And another Sneak Peek Sunday. I can’t believe it’s already been a week. The older I get, the more time seems to fly.

Here is the opening of Tangled Shadows, much less racy than the last;). But believe me things get hot and heavy between the three very quickly…

Hot Jade, somebody broke the mold after creating those two.

Brooke Deverell slouched in her chair and admired the man candy who walked into the bar. Her hormones sat up and danced, telling her it had been far too long since she’d had anything other than solar-powered toys between her legs.

The bar had seen better days, but that was the norm for a remote outpost like Teren. Smoke and the scent of cheap meat cooking hung in the air like a wet blanket. A handful of customers sat scattered throughout the dimly lit, one-room building, the majority of them pilots and mercenaries taking a quick break for refueling. One youngster, judging by the way he threw his credits around to entice enthusiasm out of the bored street courtesans, had just gotten paid.

Three men sat around a table close to the entrance, opposite from Brooke, dressed in flight suits scarred by experiences and battles, carrying their weapons in the open. One of the mercenaries called out, “Galen.”

The taller of the man candy raised his hand in a wave. He leaned back, gently kissed his partner on the lips and said, “Give me a minute, Nikolai,” before striding over to the other pilot. His smooth voice carried easily above the low hum of talk. He navigated the uneven splintered floors with a sleek grace that made Brooke drool just the tiniest bit.

Their kiss caused her to sigh with disappointment, but she could still appreciate.

Brooke may be in for a surprise:). You can find the other Sneak Peek Sunday members here.

Have a great Sunday!

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