Tangled Indulgence has a Release Date

Tangled Indulgence, book 3 in the Celestial Surrender series, comes out March 1st 2013. It is up on the Ellora’s Cave Coming Soon page.



Reassigned to the nether-end of the galaxy and facing her last night on the planet, Adira has had better days. She shouldn’t have ruffled so many feathers with her investigation, but the trail of missing people was too important to ignore.

She knows exactly how to spend her evening. At an exclusive sex club, she’s determined to confront the Vampire who’s never far from her mind. She only has a few hours, but surely she can entice the sexy bartender to share them with her.

Malachy is more than he appears. Working undercover has him ready for anything… except Adira. The moment he laid eyes on the Sentinel he knew he’d found his lifemate. Unfortunately, the prickly mortal has a wall as hard as a spaceship’s hull around her heart.

Only hours remain to convince her she belongs in his arms, and his bed. As the heated night turns molten, duty and desire collide. Following their hearts will only complicate matters.

Inside Scoop: Our heroine gets the shock of her life when she discovers her voyeuristic nature, and the fact that it is the male-on-male action, as opposed to a ménage, that really gets her juices flowing.

I am very excited and hope you enjoy Adira’s sexy journey of discovery.

Now if I could only whip these two steampunk stories into shape…Never mind, does anyone have some book recommendations? I have a pile of books, but nothing to read. I’m looking for sexy as the wise Gina X. Grant was right when she told me to surround myself with the fiction I write. It is much easier to jump from a sexy story to my own writing than from a serious or young adult book.

I’d love to hear what you have to say. Have a great weekend!

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