Release Data and Blurb for “Rescue by Ruin”

I just got my release date for my sexy steampunk “Rescue by Ruin”. It comes out November 2, 2012. I just love how fast things go in epublishing;).











Here is the blurb:

Forced to marry a violent man, Beatrice knows only one way out—ruin her reputation. She climbs aboard the Venia, a dirigible of ill repute, for a masquerade. Bea doesn’t expect to run into Vaughn Kemple, the third Duke of Missenden, who eight months ago left her without an explanation. Feeling secure behind her mask, she decides Vaughn will be the one to ruin her. She may not get to spend forever with this man she still loves, but at least she can have one night of pleasure.

But a mask is not enough to hide her identity. Vaughn recognizes Bea, shocked to find her aboard an airship where sexual freedom isn’t just a thought, it’s celebrated. But her actions are far from innocent. Captivated, he’s determined to make her his.

The heat between them flares, but Vaughn is torn between desire and honor. Bea is afraid to risk her heart on a man she can’t trust. And when her future husband arrives on the scene, more than their hearts are in danger.

I am so very excited and yesterday I had a fabulous idea about a sequel, the story of a young lady you think you should hate, but in reality she’s in so much trouble she had no choice but to behave badly;). I love it when a plan comes together.

Of course, first I have to finish book 3 in the Celestial Surrender series. Why are there only so few hours in the day?

Hope you’ll have a great weekend. I even have a Saturday off. More time to write;).

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