Happy News!

I have great news! My fabulous editor Grace has bought my latest story.

I stepped away from futuristic worlds and went into the past. Well, some form of past;). Rescue by Ruin is a Victorian steampunk story. Dirigibles, steam-powered gadgets and flying motorcycles are all part of this world as well as a young woman determined to survive, no matter what. I’ll share more once I have cover art and the blurb.

At the moment I’m sitting on an amazing deck next to a lake at a friend’s cottage. My whole writing group headed up here for a retreat. I’m working in Tangled Intrigue and am making slow progress. I have a much better outline and an idea what will happen, but my characters still aren’t falling in line. Well, we’ll have to see what kind of ride they’ll take me on;).

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

And in celebration of my steampunk sale here is The Steam Locomotive Perambulator by Doctor A. News;).

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