June and July Reading

Once again it’s been a busy couple of months;).


61) The Song of the Quarkbeast, Japser Fforde

I love Jasper Fforde’s sense of humour and in the second book in the hilarious 9-12 series it comes out en masse, another wonderful story with great characters, lots of laughter and a fabulously built world

62) Miss February, Madison Hayes

sexy quickie with a great story

63) Etiquette & Espionage, Gail Carriger

the author’s first step into teen fiction, a fun story with likeable characters

64) Shadow and Bone, Leigh Bardugo

this is an amazing story with a unique world and fantastic characters, I cannot wait for book 2 in the Tsarpunk story

65) The False Prince, Jennifer A. Nielsen

a swashbuckling adventure for 9-12 with some great twists that kept me glued to the chair until the book ended

66) Colter’s Promise, Maya Banks

I love the Colter series, but I was a little disappointed as the story felt a little too pat, still an enjoyable read

67) The Real Werewives of Vampire County

this four book anthology introduced me to new authors, I enjoyed some stories more than others but overall a good mix of characters and stories

68) Unmasking Kelley, N.J. Walters

wonderful quick story that I thoroughly enjoyed

69) Caught, Cassandra Carr

fab BDSM story with a twist

70) Touch and Go, Michelle Rowen

I really enjoyed this sexy little story, great characters and a very satisfying ending

71) Kiss the Dead, Laurell K. Hamilton

another great Anita Blake story, I don’t know how Laurell does it, but she always grabs me by the throat and drags me along on Anita’s adventure, no matter where I am or what I’m doing;)

72) All Spells Break Loose, Lisa Shearin

I LOVED this final instalment in the Raine Benares adventures, Lisa ties up the lose ends and brings everything together very satisfyingly, I’m only sad that there won’t be any more stories

73) Ral’s Woman, Laurann Dohner

I was a little disappointed, I heard so much good about the series, but this first instalment didn’t deliver for me, I will read more in the series in case it was just the one that didn’t resonate


74) The Perfect Play, Jaci Burton

fabulous story, I am not much for sport, but Jaci wove the story and the sporting details together brilliantly, I went out immediately after to get book 2 in the series;)

75-80) I went and re-read a number of the Christine Warren Others books, they are wonderful stories and like comfort food for me, if I have a bad day I pull one of them off the shelf and disappear for a couple of hours;)

81) Darkness Devours, Keri Arthur

I have yet to read a book by Keri I didn’t like, she doesn’t disappoint in this latest instalment of the Dark Angels series, I just wish she could write faster…

82) Changing the Game, Jaci Burton

another fabulous instalment, I enjoyed this as much if not more than Perfect Play

83) Taking A Shot, Jaci Burton

and went right out and got book 3 in the series;) book 4 is out soon and I can’t wait

84) Bared to You, Silvia Day

I tried connecting with 50 Shades, but struggled, not expecting much from this book I sat down to read the first chapter or so, 5 hours later I came up for air and the book was finished, wonderful, gritty and realistic, I can’t wait for October and book 2 in the series

85) Never Seduce a Scot, Maya Banks

this is my first historical by Maya Banks, I still prefer her KGI series, but this was a great story with a unique heroine and a mouthwatering hero

86) Game Plan, Karla Doyle

this is a scorching story by a fellow Fallen Angel (we share an editor), Karla combines fun with great characters as well as flaming hot sex, this is a definite must read and I can’t wait to read her next book coming out in a couple of days

87) Cast in Peril, Michelle Sagara

OMG, this is another fantastic and mindblowing instalment in the series, I loved every moment of the journey, Michelle is another of the authors I just wish would write faster;)

88) Drama, Raina Tegelmeier

this is the fist graphic novel I have read, I found the ending just a tad unbelievable, but it was a fun read

89) Scarlet, Marissa Meyer

I loved book 1 Cinder and was a little apprehensive to read book 2 because I worried it wouldn’t live up to expectations. It more than did. Marissa introduced a new character who showed Cinder’s story from a different pov while still driving the plot forward. Unfortunately Scarlet isn’t officially out until the beginning of next year, which means I have a long wait ahead of me for book 3 in the series.

90) The Selection, Kiera Cass

a sweet is somewhat predictable story for teens

What have you read recently that made you wish you had another book just as good to hand?

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