May Reading

In May I re-read a couple of books I hadn’t read in some time. I also finished the first draft of a sexy steampunk novella and have been working on making the story better. I am so very excited that Tangled Hunger comes out Friday, the same day BRAVE comes into cinemas. I’ve decided to interpret that as a positive omen;).

43-49) The Chronicles of Elantra, Michelle Sagara

I love Michelle’s writing and world building, this is an awesome fantasy series which sucks me into the story no matter how many times I read it

50) Bounty, Elizabeth Raines

sexy space adventure

51) Tangled of Need, Nalini Singh

Nalini’s books are an automatic buy for me, but for the first time I’ve found myself skipping across the pages, wanting to read more about the already established couples, not the one developing in the main story; nonetheless, a fabulous read in a great series

52) Simon Says, Lori Foster

I picked this up on a whim and laughed the whole way through, Lori has such a wonderful sense of humour and combines characters who should not work together, but somehow always do, SS is one of my favourites in the SCB series

53) Say No to Joe, Lori Foster

another fabulous contemporary read with great characters

54) Just a Hint, Clint, Lori Foster

quiet teacher and big strong protector, so much fun

55) Causing Havoc, Lori Foster

been a long time since I read this and it re-enchanted me from the start

56) On the Prowl, Christine Warren

I missed this one, I love Christine’s books and tend to pick them up when they come out, but this was a pleasant surprise to find on the shelf, I adore the Others series and this fit right in

57) Reclaimed Surrender, Riley Murphey

fabulous BDSM story by a fellow Fallen Angel, I really liked how emotions dominated the book and I could feel with the heroine, I just wish a certain man would have gotten more of a punishment, but otherwise a wonderful story

58-59) Too Much Temptation/Never Too Much, Lori Foster

two brothers and the women who make the whole, great laughter and wonderful story line

60) Hard to Handle, Lori Foster

book 3 in the SCB series and the story of a life coach and a fighter who missed the title fight three times already, wonderful story

What have you been reading? I need to stock up for another plane ride and welcome any suggestions.


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