The Edits Are In

My lovely and brilliant editor has sent me the edits for Tangled Hunger. Yay, so excited! Grace has a wonderful way of pointing out areas that need improvement, but also points out passages she’s enjoyed or that made her laugh. And she is always patient with my British v. American spelling issues.

I need to finish polishing a contest entry and writing a synopsis by tomorrow evening and then I can dive into Tangled Hunger. I am off work for a few days as I’ve had surgery today. Luckily it was only a small procedure and I’m mostly coherent, just a little tired. The fabulous Gina X. Grant is ensuring I don’t fall flat on my face tonight and hopefully we can chat about my idea for an Ellora’s Cave Quickie, set in my futuristic world, over dinner.

I hope to hand in my edits within a week. Grace will have one last read through and send it off to the publisher. Which means I should have a publication date for Tangled Hunger soon!

I love this part of the process.

Hope you’re also having a great weekend.

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