Courage-Compassion-Service or The Firemen Dinner

A friend of mine is a 17 year cancer survivour. A little while ago she bid on a catered dinner at a cancer charity auction and won. The dinner included an amazing, hunky chef and four firemen there to serve our every need…pull your thoughts out of the gutter, our needs in relation to food and drink;).

It was such a fun evening. There were eight of us girl, all romance writers, and the four guys were such good fun. A lot of teasing went on, especially as one of the first things my friends told them was that I write erotic romance. Another friend had Tangled Shadows on her kobo, so all four of them had opportunity to admire the beautiful cover.

We talked about all sorts of things and they shared some of the things they experienced on the job.

The food was AMAZING! And it was a three course meal I didn’t have to cook myself. That alone made it an amazing night;).









This was our desert;).

These are the four men braving a room full of romance writers.









At this point in the evening we decided they should keep their shirts on.

Here is a group shot including Darwin the dog.









Then Joan started a trend. After she did this everybody had to have their picture taken lying across their arms.









And Bonnie picked up a fireman.









All laughter and great food aside, it was a fantastic evening due to a worthy cause. Ovarian cancer is no less a killer than breast cancer, but I’ve rarely seen the teal coloured bands around. If you have the opportunity maybe bid on a fun dinner yourself or make a donation.

And what these four men do on a daily basis is amazing. No matter the circumstances, no matter the conditions, they put their lives on the line every single day. We were privileged that they shared some of their proudest moments and some of the horrors they’d seen. “Courage, Compassion, Service” is their creed and they go all the way on it every single time.

Although I’m not quite sure where a dinner with 8 crazy ladies fits in…;)

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  1. Four hunky firefighters and I’m the gal patting the dog. ;-D

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