Kyoto, Day 2

The second day in Kyoto I walked for miles and miles looking at each and every temple/shrine on the way.

I started with Sanjusangendo-do with a beautiful little garden.


This temple is known for its 1001 statues of the 1000-armed Kanon, the Buddhist goddess of Mercy. There was no photography allowed inside, but here is an idea of what the statues look like. They were beautiful and amazing to see.

Next stop was Kiyomizu-dera, which was hidden behind tarp and scaffolding. Lots more walking lead me to Chion-in. It’s very touristy and was incredibly busy.


Next stop was Nanzen-ji where I climbed the very steep stairs to the second floor.


The attractive plastic bag holds my shoes. Can you imagine how cold your feet get and how quickly walking around in your socks? Very:).

I walked along the Philosopher’s Path to Honen-in, one of my favourite stops of the day. First the Path


This sign shows you how close the sights could be. And it also shows the level of detail the Japanese provide;).

Honen-in has the most beautiful Zen Gardens. I could have stayed for ages and had the opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea in one of the tatami rooms.


My final stop of temple marathon was Ginkakuji, the so-called Silver Pavilion, which was supposed to be covered in silver, but they never got around to it. It was a beautiful location despite being incredibly busy. You could only walk in one direction and had opportunity to see everything.


I then walked half way back to a little place called En. They offer you the opportunity to watch a Tea Ceremony as well as whisk up your own tea. I discovered that I am not a big fan of powder tea:). Here are just a few pictures of what the hostess did.


Overall it was an exhausting but amazing day:).


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  1. I am just amazed. You are so lucky to have been able to see all of this in person.

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