Tokyo, Day 3

Sorry about the silence, I had no internet for the rest of my trip and jet-lag hit me harder than anticipated. But here is more from Japan.

On Day 3 I head to Harajuku, one of the major shopping areas, but arrived too early. Below is a store entrance.

All the shops were still closed. It appears 11am is the when everybody deems it time to go shopping;). After wandering around for a little bit and having a tea out of the vending machine (not something I recommend;) I discovered the Meiji-jingu shrine. It was build in honour of the Emperor and his wife. It has a very long walkway, which was beautiful.


I was lucky enough to witness a Shinto wedding. I felt a little sorry for bride and groom. On one of the most important days of their lives they have snap-happy tourists taking pictures and they will be forever in random people’s photo albums. Still, they looked gorgeous;).


  One of the attendants wore a beautiful kimono.

My next stop was the Nezu museum. It was pretty inside, but it had the most beautiful tea garden. I could have walked around for hours. It had nooks and crannies, little stone paths and water features. The photos don’t really show the details, but may give an idea.


After the museum I headed to Shinjuku and took the elevator up to the observatory. Great view across Tokyo, but it was too hazy to see Mt. Fuji.


I wandered some more after the observatory, including attempting to buy an adapter. My battery charger is from the UK, i.e. has three pins, so I needed it adapted to the Japanese two-pin. It was an adventure:). In the evening I headed to the onsen again. I really wished for paper while I bathed. I kept thinking about my text story.

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  1. This is probably a trip you will never forget…Amazing experience I bet..

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