Kyoto, Day 1

On Saturday I took the shinkansen, the bullet train, south to Kyoto. The train ride was about 2 1/2 hours and at times I felt like I was flying. Unfortunately the weather turned miserable, meaning I only saw grey clouds and rain. I arrived and promptly got lost in Kyoto Station. I finally found the subway and headed to my hostel. I can’t really call it a hotel as it looks like this

Let’s just say the picture online did not look like this:).

I arrive at lunch time, so I walked back to Kyoto Station and took the train to the Fushimi area to see the Tofukuji Temple. The Temple had a beautiful Zen Garden.



Next stop was the Fushimiinari-taisha Shrine. It’s the shrine with thousands of tori gates.

  Foxes are everywhere.



A picture of the plastic food all the restaurants displayed outside.

I walked around Kyoto Station and had some dinner. This is a look down from the top floor.

After dinner I did a little shopping and headed back to the hostel. As it wasn’t very inviting I headed across the road to Starbucks for coffee and to read.

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  1. Oh wow that is just amazing…Thank you for the amazing photo’s.

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