The rest of Hong Kong

I’m off to Tokyo tomorrow. I’ll arrive late in the afternoon and will then have to brave their public transport system to find my hotel. Fun times;).

Here is what I’ve been up to the last couple of days.

On Saturday I entered China, but only got as far as the mall across from the train station. It is a whole city, not just a mall. Anybody who knows Pacific Mall in Toronto imagine it about fifteen or twenty times as big and you get an idea how big this shopping centre is. Anyway, Eve and I spent the day shopping. Lets just say I got a little carried away. Just now I tried to fit everything into my suitcase and discovered it will be a challenge;).


I should have taken pictures as we arrived, but forgot. This is the train station in China in the evening;).

On Sunday we just ambled about in the morning looking at a couple of shrines and then headed back to Mong Kok to get the last little bits I wanted to buy, including jade jewellery.

 Our transport to cross the harbour.

In the evening we went to the Langham Place for afternoon tea and a huge buffet, which was delicious. I also rode the longest escalator in the world up to yet another mall. Shopping is like an extreme sport over here.

Today I went to Lantau to see the massive buddha at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately the cable car was out of service, but it was a gorgeous day and the monastery was rather pretty, if very touristy.


I had a lovely meal at the monastery. It was vegetarian and it was great that for once I didn’t have to worry what I would find in my meal. They don’t allow meat on the premises, so I knew I would only find vegetables, nothing else. The majority of restaurants over here do not cater to vegetarians or people who don’t eat red meat;).


You have to walk up 206 steps to get up to the buddha. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. I huffed and puffed a little, but walked up the steps without too much effort. The view from up there is great.


And going down…

And one final picture of the water view from the apartment complex where I stayed.

Not sure how the internet access in Tokyo will be (or if I’ll even find my hotel), but I’ll try and share pictures once I get there.

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