Tangled Shadows is a Top Pick for Mary’s Naughty Whispers

The lovely Mary at Mary’s Naughty Whispers has chosen Tangled Shadows as a

I am absolutely stoked and super-excited! Here are a few of her comments! And a few more !!!! because I can’t control myself:)!

“Totally chocked. Honest! I am! This story is just i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. I was not prepared it to be so good. And this is why it is so exciting to read a brand new author. I never know if it will be “another one” or a “wow one”. Tina Christopher is definitely in the wow category!”

“This is not a long novel as you can notice but it was perfectly balanced that I did not feel something was missing in the development of the story.”

“I am not sure what I enjoyed the most. I loved the characters. I loved how the heroine wanted to protect herself from being hurt. I could relate to her fears. I enjoy the Vampire who was not the stereotype vampire we generally find in vampires stories and I enjoy the Naema, half angel half demon but nothing like them.”

“It is a MMF story so I am always on my toes to see if the story will be too MM and the woman the sex toy in between. The delicate balance to include a woman in an existing MM relationship is touchy. Most of the time the author does not balance the emotions or the sex well.

I was very happily surprised that Tina Christopher centered the woman but nobody was left out. It was a true perfect triangle.”

“The sex scenes were really hot. I so enjoyed the fact that the heroine expressed her fears and desires. …it was very well described with all the emotions attached to the act. I love that her surrender did not come right away and that the men had to work on it.”

“If you like Sci-fi and ménage. The book is a must read. plain and simple. And even if you do not like sci-fi and menage, it is still a must read. double plain and double simple.”

“A new young author this talented? You do not want to miss to read her.”

Mary's Naughty Whispers

Thank you so much, Mary. I am glad Brooke, Galen and Nikolai entertained you! It is always wonderful to hear when a reader enjoyed my story.

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  1. Awesome review. You rock!

  2. Thanks, Gina. I can’t stop smiling;)).

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