Best laid plans…

**Warning: Total Venting-my-Frustration Rant-You may want to stop reading**

I was supposed to leave for Hong Kong today. Unfortunately my blood sugar went off the rails and my mum, who’s visiting at the moment, couldn’t wake me. She called the paramedics and they pumped me full of sugar. Neither the paramedics, my mum or my brother (who there to give me a lift to the airport) would let me get on my plane. It would have been very tight, but I could have made it. In hindsight I should have insisted because the rest of the day turned into a complete disaster.

As soon as I was coherent enough to speak and function I emailed my friend to let her know I wouldn’t arrive tomorrow. Then I began to contact Air Canada. I say began because I was on the phone to them for 4 FRICKING HOURS!! I actually read Neil Flame and the Crusader’s Curse while having the loop of AC on speaker, waiting for that member of staff that would be with me momentarily. I think the longest I was on hold was 47 minutes. I was desperate, frantic and slowly going crazy, but AC’s customer service was a complete and utter failure.

Finally, 4 hours later, 2 hours after my flight left, I contacted Flight Center. I booked my flight through them. The girl on the line was helpful enough and told me she would contact AC. (I laughed and wished her good luck.) Then she informed me that she couldn’t help me because I didn’t do the original booking with her. I had to wait for her college in British Columbia (for some reason I got an office in BC when I called), who are 3 HOURS BEHIND TORONTO, to get into the office and help me.

Believe me, at that point I was ready to tear my hair out and scream!

When I finally spoke to her she said she’d contact AC and see what was available. She said she’d call me back in 30-45 minutes. 2 HOURS LATER I called her. She was on the other line, but called me back an hour later. Tomorrow was pretty tight and she couldn’t say what kind of seat I would get. I am terrified of flying and the thought being squished in the middle for 15 hours shot my heart rate through the roof and made my palm sweaty. On Monday I could get a seat at the emergency exit, for which I paid on my original flight. Don’t get me wrong, she really did everything she could and I am grateful for her help. I just wish for fewer bumps in my road.

So now I am leaving on Monday, meaning I lose two days of my Hong Kong trip and I have to pay an extra chunk of money because of the changes. The fact that I had a medical emergency made no difference to Air Canada. Believe me, if I had an option I would not use AC ever again, but unfortunately they have the monopoly up here. The kicker is that my travel insurance said they probably wouldn’t pay for the change as no doctor was present, only paramedics. They sent me claim forms I need to fill in including a medical statement. No idea how I’ll get that filled in.

Overall today was horrible! I really, really wish I could turn back time.

I hope your day was better!

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