The Waiting Game

I just pressed “Send” on an email with my finished project to my wonderful editor.

It’s a great feeling, but it also means now the Waiting Game begins. And that is plenty of time for the doubt weasels to make themselves at home. I love my story and believe in it, but it’s tough to quieten that little voice deep down that’s telling me the story wasn’t ready or that I should have had one more read-through.

Gah, you can all take a long walk off a short plank!

Instead of giving the weasels fodder I am going to get back to my steampunk story. Next weekend is my Toronto Romance Writers chapter annual critique session. I want to ensure that my first five pages are as good as they can be in the current situation. You know, story not yet finished;).

Also, I’m going on a loooonnnnggggg plane ride to Hong Kong soon and other than applying for a Chinese Visa I have done very, very little to prepare. I really need to get my bum into gear. After the 10 days in Hong Kong I’m heading to Tokyo as well. Tokyo and Japan as a whole have been a dream destination for a very, very long time. Part of me is terrified, mostly because of the flight as I am a very bad flyer, and another part is jumping with excitement.

I just wish I could beam there or take the Stargate. No matter the whole being dismantled and reassembled on an atomic level, it’s still better than sitting in a sardine can for 15 hours. *sigh* It’ll give me opportunity to read the new J. D. Robb. I saved it specially for this flight. Same with the new Gail Carriger book, Timeless. Depending on my mental state I may even be able to get some writing done. A certain character who had one paragraph in Tangled Shadows is very insistent on getting his own story. Who am I to stand in his way?;)

If you have any suggestions for books so amazing they will help me to forget that I’m in a tin can so-and-so many thousand feet in the air, I’d love to hear them!

Have a great week.

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  1. Best fo luck and have a nice trip. I’ll be coming back to see how your story was “received”!

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