The hacksaw is out!

I am armed and ready. The manuscript is before me and my weapons of choice are different coloured pens and colourful highlighters.

It’s editing time for Tangled Souls (working title, may change;).

I have to admit I’ve been slashing quiet liberally. My first draft was rather wordy, i.e. using five words when one was sufficient. I’ve also discovered some consistency issues and a couple of dangling threads, but overall the first draft wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m hoping to finish my changes in the next couple of days and then TS will make it’s way to my crit partner. Victoria loves her red pen, so I’m expecting a number of review bubbles on the side. While she’s chopping her way through the story I will get my trusty Mary Buckham synopsis worksheets out of the cupboard and put together a synopsis. Believe me, if you have trouble with writing a synopsis, Mary’s worksheets are a godsend. Check out her website here.

Once I’ve worked through Victoria’s comments and I’m fully and completely happy, I’ll send it off to my editor and hope she loves my characters as much as I do.

So, still a hard slog before me, but editing means making the story better. I mostly enjoy it. Well, okay, the synopsis not so much, but the worksheets make it bearable:).

Have a good week everybody!

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  1. Do they require a synopsis for a sequel? Maybe save yourself some time and don’t provide one.

    And then you can spend that time helping me with mine. ;-D

    But srsly, they’re going to read it, a 1-pager should be fine if at all.
    ~ g.

    • Yes, Grace asks for a synopsis for all her submissions. I don’t have to query, though. I don’t mind. The process helps me clarify the story and its details. And I’m happy to help with yours;).

  2. Just don’t kill it..Last night I sadly lost my whole 20k book when the file became corrupted..Well all 3 weirdly were..I hope you get a lot of work done.

    • OMG, that sucks sideways!! Is there any chance you can retrieve the book?! I am soo not tech savvy, but I keep fingers and toes crossed you can get it back.

      I’m saving after most every change and have the original on hardcopy. Thanks for the good wishes.

      Have you chosen your logo yet?

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