Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I am rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am currently on season 2, the part where Angel has turned bad and back into Angelus. It is fun to go back and watch it years later.

One thing it has driven home is how much things have changed since 1997. None of them have mobile phones, the computers look like from the stone age and the fashion has made me laugh more than once. I particularly enjoyed Willow and Oz’s courtship and Cordelia has been great fun. When I watched it the first couple of times I never realised how bad the make-up was for some of the creatures and how the Vampires Buffy fought tended to stand rather still.

James Marsters is fabulous as Spike and Drusilla is wonderfully creepy.

It’s amazing how many actors had a starting role in Buffy. The chap from HAVEN is killed in one of the first episodes and one of the actors from CSI:NY is killed by Darla. I’m pretty sure Piper’s (from CHARMED) love interest belonged to one of the demon cults.

OMG, I LOVE Cordelia, her dialogue is hilarious:).

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  1. Season 2 BtVS is where I really got hooked. I love Angelus and they season laid the groundwork for so much of the Angel mythology (bad boo-boos when Spike mispronounces Angelus’s name AND calls him his sire – when later episodes revealed Dru to be Spike’s sire).

    I guess because I came to Buffy late, and as an adult, I have always looked past the makeup/fashion stuff and directly at the storylines, character arcs and mythology that was being built.

    What I find interesting about actor appearances is when I see someone from Buffy in a current series. Last night I watched 2 episodes of “Lie to Me” (S2) and one had James Masters (Spike) as a rather dowdy lawyer with REALLY bad hair (there was a reason he slicked it back throughout Buffy) and the very next episode had Mac Blucas (Riley) – weird.

  2. Lol, I know what you mean. The funny thing is that the actors always have the name they had in Buffy. James will always be Spike no matter how many times I see him (Smallville, Lie to Me) and the same for Riley or Oz.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy the characters and the story arcs, it had just been so long since I’ve seen it. Things have changed dramatically in the last decade and it shows when watching Buffy. I still love the series;).

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